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Dental Machinery

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AVISHKAR Dental Hanging Engine

Product Code: AAVI-5513
AVISHKAR Dental Hanging Engine (AVI-905) Universal, WATT- 400, Rating 60 min, RPM-18000.Square 5 Speed foot controller High Speed Three Imported Ball Bearing Metal Cable Arm.


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AVISHKAR Model Trimmer

Product Code: AAVI-5514
AVISHKAR Model Trimmer, (AVI-906) RPM 2800 Heavy duty, Single speed, HP-1 Rating cont. with Buffer and 10” stone Fixed on heavy base inlet, outflow water sustem.


product/Dental Machinery/pg218_3.jpg

AVISHKAR Dental Lathe

Product Code: AAVI-5515
AVISHKAR Dental Lathe, AC, HP-1/2 RPM-2800 SINGLE speed, Rating continuous Equipped with Double Ball Bearing With 3 chucks (Buffer, stone & Bur Chuck), 2 Imported Ball Bearing Metal cable arm and its attachment.


product/Dental Machinery/pg218_4.jpg

AVISHKAR Rectangular Muffle Furnace

Product Code: AAVI-5516
AVISHKAR Rectangular Muffle Furnace : Light Weight with Caramic fibre wool insulation. The outer casing is made of thick P.C.R.C. sheet.
A. Rectangular Muffle Furnace Maximum TEMP. 950 C Working TEMO. 900C C With ER & Pyrometer.
B. Maximum TEMP. 950 C Working TEMP. 900c with Digital Indicator cum controller with safety alarm
C. Maximum TEMP. 1200 C Woking TEMP. 1150C with Digital indicator cum controller with safety alarm..


product/Dental Machinery/pg219_1.jpg

AVISHKAR Dental lathe

Product Code: AAVI-5517
AVISHKAR Dental lathe, Aristo AC, HP-1/2, RPM-2800, Equopped with double Ball Bearing SINGLE speed, Rating continuous, 3 chucks (Buffer, Bur Chuck and stone) High Speed THEREE Imported Ball Bearing Metal cable arm and its attachment.


product/Dental Machinery/pg219_2.jpg

AVISHKAR Dental Surveyor

Product Code: AAVI-5518
AVISHKAR Dental Surveyor, Indispesable for the faultless designing & tracing of clasp const. for the working of slides etc. even for plain clasp work for divergent teeth & tooth sets for all prostheses cast indidually or from models.


product/Dental Machinery/pg219_3.jpg

AVISHKAR Deantal Lathe

Product Code: AAVI-5519
AVISHKAR Deantal Lathe, universal WATT-250, RPM-6500, 5 speed, Rating 60 min. Eqquipped with 4” diastone, with 2 Imported Ball Bearing Metal cable Arm and 2 chucks (Bur and Buffer).


product/Dental Machinery/pg219_3.jpg

Aviskar Dental Melting Torch

Product Code: AVI-5520

AVISHKAR Dental Melting Torch for chrome cobalt and nickle alloys used with L.P.G.and oxygen.


product/Dental Machinery/pg219_4.jpg

AVISHKAR Acrylizer Double walled

Product Code: AAVI-5521
AVISHKAR Acrylizer Double walled, inside made of stinless steel and out side mild steel sheet painted with attractive stove enamel. Temperature is controlled by hydraulic thermostat from 5 c above ambient to 100 C with a se sitivity of + 5 C Acrylizer Conists Mechanical Timer can be set 1/2 Hour to 2 Hours, brass drain plug, control knob, On/Off switch. Acrylizer. Inner Size : 300 X 250 X 350 mm.


product/Dental Machinery/pg219_5.jpg

AVISHKAR Dental lathe Ordinary Model

Product Code: AAVI-5522
AVISHKAR Dental lathe Ordinary Model - 503 WATT-250, Universal RPM-6500, speed 3, Rating 45 min. with doriot arm attachment and 3 chucks. (Buffr, stone and Bur Chuck).


product/Dental Machinery/pg220_1.jpg

AVISHKAR Centrifico Casting Machine

Product Code: AAVI-5523
AVISHKAR Centrifico Casting Machine (Senior) for Gold and Cobalt Work. New Model with releasing Lever with Safety and braking device. Equipped With 4 flasks, 4 Rubber Ring former, 3 credles, fixed weight and 2 Heavy crucibles.


product/Dental Machinery/pg220_2.jpg

AVISHKAR Centrifico Casting Machine

Product Code: AAVI-5524
AVISHKAR Centrifico Casting Machine (Senior) for Gold Work Emmesco Pattern, with 4 flasks, 4 Rubber Ring former, 3 credles, fixed weight & 2 crucibles.


product/Dental Machinery/pg220_3.jpg

AVISHKAR sand blaster

Product Code: AAVI-5525
AVISHKAR sand blaster measures 10X13X14 inches with Rubber Glove for Abrastion free working on casting with Nozzle for contamination free snooth finish of articales built in light and exhaust filter for pollition free atmosphere, large glass window for easy viewing.


product/Dental Machinery/pg220_4.jpg

AVISHKAR Dental viberator

Product Code: AAVI-5526
AVISHKAR Dental viberator, capacity 3-4 Casting Cylinders, Removable Rubber Plate for easy cleaning fitted with controller for variable vibrational frequencies.


product/Dental Machinery/pg220_5.jpg

AVISHKAR Automatic Amalgamator

Product Code: AAVI-5527
AVISHKAR Automatic Amalgamator with timer is a compact and functionally designed mixer which assures efficient and reliable trituration with a simple operation, Excellent durability and mixing power with 4 capsules. Dimensions : 13 cm. Width, 22cm. Length, 12 cm. Height, 3.5 kg Weight, Power 220/ 230 Volts AC Consumption : 45 W.


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