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Operation Theatre Equipments

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product/Operation Theatre Equipments/007a.jpg

Birthing Bed

Product Code: AVI-007A

Overall approx. Size: 2070mm L X 850 W X 550mm to 850mm H. Three section top. Backrest adjustable on ratchet. Leg section can be telescoped under backrest for lithotomy position. Removale SS Head and leg bows with laminated panels. Foot supports for high/low chai position. Middle & leg section top removable for cleaning. Pair of upholstered aluminium lithotomy crutches mounted on SS rods. Height adjusted by hydraulic pump. Handle wound Trendlenburg position. Three section mattress. Four imported castors, 125mm dia. two with total locks, one with direction lock. Prettreated & powder coated.


product/Operation Theatre Equipments/007b.jpg

Obstetric Labour Table Wholly SS

Product Code: AVI-007B

Three Section top. Backrest adjustable on ratchet. Middle section with "U" cut. Leg end section can slide completely under main frame. Gas spring assisted Trendelenburg position. Complete with S.S. head and side railings, S.S. hand grips, rubber padded S.S. lithotomy rods and S.S. three side removable railing. Size: 1870 x 900 x 800 (L x W x H mm)


product/Operation Theatre Equipments/007c.jpg

Gynaec Examination Table (Back Rest)

Product Code: AVI-007C

Frame work made of rectangular / square M.S. Tube. Backrest section adjustable on Ratchet/ Liver. Legs fitted with PVC stumps 5cm foam cushioned top covered iwth raxine with perineal cut. Adjustable lithotomy poles with straps. Epoxy Powder Coated. Size: 150 x 60 x 46 (L x W x H cms.)


product/Operation Theatre Equipments/007d.jpg

Obstetric Delivery Bed in 2 Parts ( 3 section top)

Product Code: AVI-007D

Made of mild steel square tube, Three section, Leg Section moveable on castors with two brakes Cushiones upholestered top. Backrest adjustable Stainless Steel Bowl. Knock down construction. Size: 1800 x 550 x 820 ( L X W X H mm)


product/Operation Theatre Equipments/swastik.jpg

Operation Table

Product Code: AVI-001A
  • Five section top with large cut for perineal drainage tray , built in kidney bridge. Both side control.
  • Smooth gear mechnism to avail all operating positions
  • Durable leak proof hydraulic pump with double cylinder conceled in double chamber.
  • Heavy M base with nylon wheels for easy mobility or stability with single action foot actuated floor locking.
  • Fitted with single arm rest and lithotomy rod
  • 30mm thick electrically sealed mattress.


product/Operation Theatre Equipments/opt-29.jpg


Product Code: AVI-025
Salient Features
  1. Best suited for parental solutions, injectable, mattresses and hospital dressings.
  2. Loading carriage and trolley as standard accessories for easy transfer of loads.
  3. Multiport valve to control different phases of sterlizing cycle upto size 2’x3’x5’.
  4. Individual valves for size above 2’x3’x5’.
  5. Operating pressure upto 1.76 Kg./cm2.
  6. All SS joints are argon arc welded.
  7. Choice of Single / Double doors and recessed models.
  8. Two safety valves incorporated.
  9. Vacuum breaker provided for entry of sterile air.
  10. Pressure lock device for the door.
  11. Pressure switch provided to prevent accidental build up of pressure.
  12. Steam trap incorporated for rapid and complete elimination of air.


product/Operation Theatre Equipments/opt-28.jpg

CSSD Placement

Product Code: AVI-025
CSSD Placement : View from non-sterile side showing loading carriage & transfer trolly


product/Operation Theatre Equipments/opt-30.jpg

Autoclave wall mounted

Product Code: AVI-025
View from sterile side showing double doors


product/Operation Theatre Equipments/opt-32.jpg


Product Code: AVI-026
Choice of Material
Jacket Mild Steel
Chamber Mild Steel / SS 304 / SS 316
Mild Steel / SS 304 / SS 316
Door(s) Zinc Metalized or Epoxy painted
Loading Carriage Mild Steel / SS 304 / SS 316
Transfer Trolley Mild Steel
Pipe Fittings SS 304
Gasket on Door(s) Neoprene / Silicon


product/Operation Theatre Equipments/opt-27.jpg


Product Code: AVI-026
Steam Generator Features:
  1. Front plate provided with SS bush for easy access of heaters.
  2. Copper steam generator available for gas / kerosene operated models.
  3. Low water cutout system for the safety of heaters.
  4. Water level indicator provided.


product/Operation Theatre Equipments/opt-31.jpg


Product Code: AVI-026
Closed door view of the sterlizer. Individual ball valves seen which control sterlizing cycle.


product/Operation Theatre Equipments/opt-33.jpg

Autoclave wall mounted

Product Code: AVI-026
Sterlizer showing loading carriage & transfer trolley.


product/Operation Theatre Equipments/opt-34.jpg


Product Code: AVI-027
  1. Compact, lightweight powerful and non-corrosive.
  2. Robust engineering plastic moulded, shock-resistant ABS housing with 2 size hooks to hold tube provision for fitting second 2 ltr. jar on the other side.
  3. Simple oil free pump mechanism provides easy reduces maintenance cost.
  4. -550 mm Hg 10 at 26 ltrs / min.
  5. Autoclaveable 2 ltr. collection jar, overflow safety jar with replaceable bacterial filter.
  6. Silicone tube 7 (x11) mm x 2 mtr.
  7. Good for different clinical / medical / surgical procedures.
  8. Necessary tools for maintenance / replacement and spares provided.
  9. Dimension : 20 x 42 x 36 cms. Mass : 7.5 kg.


product/Operation Theatre Equipments/opt-34.jpg


Product Code: AVI-028
Chassis Fiberglass
Motor 0.25 H.P. (High Speed)
Jars Polycarbonate with ABS lid
Vacuum -710 mmHg 10 mmHg
Air Flow 30-40 liters per min. (Minimum)


product/Operation Theatre Equipments/opt-36.jpg


Product Code: AVI-029
Chassis Fiberglass
Pump 220 VAC Piston Pump
Jars Polycarbonate with ABS lid
Vacuum -580 mmHg 10 mmHg
Air Flow 10-15 liters per min. (Minimum)


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