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Operation Theatre Equipments

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product/Operation Theatre Equipments/opt-37.jpg


Product Code: AVI-030
  1. Rotary pump.
  2. -700 10mm Hg regulable at 28 Ltrs / min.
  3. Top and panel of rust proof and corrosion resistant moulded ABS.
  4. Autoclavable PC jars (2x2 Ltr.), 250 x 55mm tray and catheter holder with two size hooks to hold patient tube & catheters.
  5. Additional safety jar, fuse & 2 volt foot switch.
  6. 50 dB A 3 at 1.2 mtr.
  7. In EP-90, manual suction system creates -600 10mm Hg with a per stroke average volume of 200 ml.


product/Operation Theatre Equipments/opt-38.jpg


Product Code: AVI-031
  1. Electricity operated trolley model.
  2. 1/4 H.P. Noiseless Crompton Motor with Castor & Stainless Steel Top.
  3. Pressure up to 760mm.
  4. Also available in Single Bottle, 1/8 th HP motor & Slow Suction for Pediatric use.


product/Operation Theatre Equipments/opt-35.jpg


Product Code: AVI-032
  1. With two Bottles
  2. Pressure up to 760mm.


product/Operation Theatre Equipments/opt-40.jpg


Product Code: AVI-033
Chassis Powder Coated Mild Steel
Motor 12 VDC with Piston Pump
Jars Polycarbonate (Single Jar)
Vacuum -580 mmHg
Air Flow 18-18 liters per min. (Minimum)


product/Operation Theatre Equipments/opt-41.jpg


Product Code: AVI-034
Chassis Powder Coated Mild Steel
Motor 0.25 H.P. with Rotary Pump
Jars Polycarbonate with ABS lid
Vacuum -710 mmHg 10 mmHg
Air Flow 30-35 liters per min. (Minimum)


product/Operation Theatre Equipments/opt-42.jpg


Product Code: AVI-035
Salient Features
  1. Light weight and portable Simple to operate.
  2. Virtually no maintenance Negligible power consumption.
  3. Available in Stainless Steel and Aluminium Epoxy Coated models in different capacities.
  4. Option of Automatic operation through Timer.


Type of equipment Cup type atomizer
Maximum height 370 mm
Outer diameter 360 mm
Weight with sump 7 kg. (Approx)
Electrics 230 V, 50 Hz, Single phase A.C.
Connected load 120 W
Rating Continuous duty
Atomizing capacity 50 ml/min


product/Operation Theatre Equipments/opt-39.jpg


Product Code: AVI-036
Especially for nursing homes and maternity homes, the host of microbes that are let out into the theatre enviornment during an operation has been a persisting problem. A cost-effective solution that really works was the need of the moment. Presenting Dyna-Fog Guardian. The smart 3.8 Ltrs. (tank capacity), 3kg table top disinfecting sprayer. Dyna-Fog Guardian helps in reducing the level of infection to the minimum in the shortest possible time. Dyna-Fog Guardian delivers fog particles in range of less than 20 microns effectively covering area up to 3000 q3.ft.

Product Details
Model 2796
Power Input 210/250V AC-42 amps.
Flow Rate App. 0-3-LPH
Particle Size 10-20 microns MMD
Tank Capacity 3.8 Ltrs.
Weight 3.0 Kgs (empty)


product/Operation Theatre Equipments/opt-44.jpg


Product Code: AVI-037
  1. Fully Solid state design.
  2. All controls, Terminals and sockets located on the front panel.
  3. Operating modes can be identified by audio tones and panel lights.
  4. Audio-visual indication for patient plate lead faults.
  5. Illuminated ON/OFF switch.
  6. Bipolar output can be activated by manual or automatic switching, (In NM-500 AB and NM-70 AB).
  7. Seperate power control is available for Bipolar Coagulation, (In NM-500 AB).
  8. Interchangeable PCB’S makes servicing very easy and economical.
  9. Natural convection cooling with silent operation
Standard Accessories
  1. Surgical Handle with cable.
  2. Needle electrodes set/
  3. Double pedal foot switch with cable.
  4. Stainless steel patient plate with cable.
  5. Detachable mains cable.
  6. Single pedal foot switch with cable (with NM-70AB).
  7. Bipolar forceps with cable (with NM-70AB).
  8. Dust preventive Rexine Cover.
  9. Instruction manual.
Optional Accessories (Extra Cost)
  1. Bipolar forceps with cable.
  2. Monopolar forceps with cable.
  3. Hand Switch with cable.


product/Operation Theatre Equipments/opt-45.jpg


Product Code: AVI-038
250W 500W
Monopolar CUT 325 W 150 W
Monopolar COAG 125 W 100 W
Biolar COAG 70 W 50 W
Output power activation
Monopolar Foot Switch Yes Yes
Hand Switch Yes -
Bipolar Foot Switch Yes Yes
Auto Yes -
Haemostasis / Blend Yes -
Dimensions (WxHxD) in mm. 360x130x310 228x114x290
Weight 14Kg. approx. 10Kg. approx.
Power Supply 230VAC/50HZ 230VAC/50HZ


product/Operation Theatre Equipments/opt-43.jpg


Product Code: AVI-039

This excellent electro-surgical generator contains Digital output in watts. The generator contain feather touch switches with seperate intensity display for Monopolar Cut, Monopolar Coagulation, Bipolar Cut, Bipolar Coagulation.

Salient Features:

  1. Four Cut Modes : Pure cut & 3 blended modes to give varying degree hemostasis.
  2. Spray coagulation for massive & rapid non-contact coagulation,
    Force Coag for low voltage contact coagulation, Soft Coag for with less depth of tissue necrosis.
  3. Unit has Auto cut & Auto Coagulation.
  4. Modular design, detachable PCB, integrated sophisticated circuitary & excellent workmanship.
  5. Isolated generator circuits along with independent Monopolar & Bipolar generator.
  6. C.P.U. Control Systems : Due to programable integrated circuits, constant performance during sugery for wide range of tissue impedance with constant power & less damage to tissue possible. life of the instrument increases & more safety to patient & surgeon.
  7. Elimination of accidental injuries.
  8. Automatic switch off circuit when there is break in patient connecting wire & patient plate.
  9. For all modes audiovisual indication.
  10. Feather touch & Digital display for all modes.
  11. Micro controller & SMPS system : Micro controller measures the feedback of the sugery every 40 nano secs. & gives constant power & avoids unnecessary spark during surgery, SMPS gives constant power during wide range of voltage fluctuation.
Standard Accessories
Double pedal foot switch with cable 1
Mains Cable 1
Silicone Rubber patient plate with cable 1
Autoclavable Electrosurgical handle 2
Silicone cable 1
Set of Electrodes 1
Bipolar Forcep with cable 1
Optional Accessories (Extra Cost)
Mobile Trolley
Different types of Monopolar & Bipolar Forceps
Technical Data
Power supply 190 - 260 V 5%, 50 Hz
Power Adjustments Feather touch switches
Display Digital
Pure cut 400 W 10%
Blend 1 250 W 10%
Blend 2 200 W 10%
Blend 3 150 W 10%
Coagulation 300 W 10% (with 70% modulatd frequency)
Spray Coagulation 120 W 10%
Force Coagulation 150 W 10%
Soft Coagulation 800 W 10%
Bipolar cut 80 W 10%
Bipolar Coagulation 50 W 10%
Leakage Current 0.004 MA
Output Leakage Current 0.025 MA
Frequency Monopolar 455 KHZ


product/Operation Theatre Equipments/opt-47.jpg


Product Code: AVI-040
  1. Table Top Vacuum High Speed Sterilizers are ideal for all applications requiring rapid, reliable and total destruction of all living microorganisms.
  2. Ideal for Ophthalmic Surgeons, Dental Surgeons, Surgical Doctors, Polyclinics and Hospitals, Operation theatres, QC/Micro as a stand-by unit.
  1. It adopts European Class B standard.
  2. With pulse prevacuum - essential for sterilizing all wrapped (single/double) or unwrapped items, including porous items that do not exceed the specifications of Hollow load Type A.
  3. A pre defined program list for easy operational settings: Reproducible sterilization cycles are accomplished through the defined programs.
  4. Electronic control module offers microprocessor controls and LED display of operating parameters, where temperature, pressure and sterilisation time are constantly displayed.
  5. A drying cycle helps prevent rusting of delicate instruments and helps dry clothing or absorbent materials.
Construction / Standard Features
  1. Safer and more reliable door structure. A heart-insulted door with locking feature prevents opening while the chamber is under pressure to help minimize dangers to operator.
  2. Exhaust steam is discharged to an inbuilt water collection tank thus keeping the room steam free.
Technical Specification
Sterilizing Temperature 1210C or 1340C
Test Bowie & Dick Test
Safety Features Pressure Release Valve and computerized diagnosing and alarm system
Water supply system Reservoirs (2Ltr fresh water supply system and 1.6Ltr waste water reservoirs)
Voltage 220 V 10% 50 V 60 Hz, single phase
Power 2400 W / 10 A
Model #7471-B-22
Product 'Class - B' Autoclave
Chamber Size 250 mm x 450 mm (22 L approx.)
Trays 3 trays
App. Shipping Details (Air)
45 kg / 72 kg 0.35 m3


product/Operation Theatre Equipments/opt-46.jpg


Product Code: AVI-041
  1. Sterilizing, exhaust of water and steam drying are fully automatic.
  2. Requires a sterilizing time of just 7 minutes at 1340C (instead of 20 minutes at 1210C).
  3. A totally hassle and tension free sterilizer which can even be kept inside an operation theatre.
  4. Results reproducible because full cycle is automatic, requiring no human intervention.
  1. Full stainless steel construction.
  2. Single lever pronged closure system with patented Silicone Gasket (registered design No. 208774).
Standard Features
  1. MicroProcessor Controller with following parameters programmable by user: Sterilizer Time: up to 99 minutes. Sterilizing Temperature: up to 1340C. Drying time: up to 99 minutes.
  2. Pt100 Sensor for precise monitoring.
  3. End cycle buzzer and auto reset.
  4. Valves for water filling and exhaust.
  5. Industrial Grade energy efficient heater.
  6. Drying with door open facitily.
  1. Sensor open alarm and over temperature protection.
  2. Pressure interlock on door.
  3. Spring loaded safety valve for over pressure.
Model #7471-16
Chamber Size 230 mm x 400 mm (16 Ltr)
Trays 2 trays
App. Shipping Details (Air)
50 kg / 65 kg 0.3 m3


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