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Dental Instruments

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Dental Machinery
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Product Code: AVI-5503
Oil-free (Imported Head) Medical grade dental air compressor for 100% pure air.


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Product Code: AVI-5503

Noisless Medical grade dental air compressor.


product/Dental Instruments/Dental-xray-Avis-5504.jpg


Product Code: AVI-5504
X-Ray Output 70Kv-10mA
X-Ray Tube 0.5mm focus imported tube
Radiation Leakage =<0.25 mG/hr. from focal spot
Voltage Compensation 190V to 250V built in digital controlled voltage stabilizer
Power Requirement 230V,50Hz, 5Amp.
Radiography Cones Short Cone / Long Cone (Optional)

Stands are available in two different models

  1. Mobile Floor - model which caster wheels enabling smooth movements.
  2. Wall Mounted - for cramped working conditions. The timer box can be mounted on wall or any other remote place.


product/Dental Instruments/pg211_2.jpg

Analog Timer

Product Code: AVI-5504
Analog Timer :
AVI 1070A Conventional Dental X-Ray Unit.
Time : 0.3 sec. to 4.0 sec. (12 steps)


product/Dental Instruments/pg211_3.jpg

Digital Timer

Product Code: AVI-5504
Fully microprocessor controlled digital system with touch panel. Time : 0.1 sec. to 1.9 sec.


product/Dental Instruments/pg211_4.jpg

Digital RVG Timer

Product Code: AVI-5504
Compatible for digital radiovisiography system with touch panel. Time : 0.01 sec. to 0.09 sec. (RVG) 0.01 sec. to 1.9 sec. (Normal)


product/Dental Instruments/pg212_1.jpg


Product Code: AVI-5505
Scaling Function
Aviskar Ultrasonic Scaler is a powerful piezoelectric scaler with stable ultrasonic oscillation of 32KHz with very wide energy scope.
  1. Titanium Handpiece is autoclavable
  2. Great patient comfort with high frequency and low amplitude
  3. Handpiede : never heat up after long time use
  4. Efficient performance to remove itractable calculus
  5. Fine tuning control on power supply and waterspray

Endodontic Function
Turn the power below half of TOP SELECTOR and replace tip with endo kit (Endoholder = U-file) to operate unit for root canal preparation.

  1. Smoother canal walls grant better obturation
  2. Rapid and superior operating for root canal treatment
  3. Root canal enlargement and swirling irrigation for debridement
  4. Minimal dentin removal keeps structural integrity of the tooth
Technical Specifications
Power Supply 230V~ or 115V~ (on request) 50/60 Hz
Frequency 32 KHz1
Output Power to Tip Operator adjustable from 20 to 40 watts
Weight 2.2Kg
Dimension W150 X D130 X H110mm
Water Pressure 1~4Kg / cm2
Fuse F0.5A (for 230V unit) / FIA (for 115V unit)
Standard Accessories Optional Accessories
1 Handpiece & Cable Code Item
3 Scaling Tips COM315 Ti-Handpiece
1 Torque Wrench COM316-A1 Ti No.1 (Normal curve)
1 Pedal COM316-A2 Ti No.2 (Normal curve)
1 Power Cord COM316-A3 Ti No.3 (Flat)
Tips stand SE201 U-File#25
Aluminum box COM203-2 Torque Wrench


product/Dental Instruments/pg213_4.jpg

Rapid Curing through 5W L.E.D.

Product Code: AVI-5506
  1. Cordlesss Cool Light Makes No Pain
  2. Powerful Output Reaches Rapid Curing
  3. Sleep-mode Saves Energy
  4. Light, Handy and Ergonomic Design
  5. Two Free Li-ion Batteries Supplied

Rapid Curing through 5W L.E.D.

  1. L.E.D. enables incredible long life and makes no noise compared to conventional halogen light.
  2. Substitute switching power adapter available for low battery
  3. 7-preset timings available : 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 60 and 99 seconds.
  4. Three curing modes for selection .
  5. Power Suppy : AC 100~240V
  6. Light Source : Super blue LED (Light Emitting Diode)
  7. Light Guide : 8 mm angled optic fiber
Technical Specifications
Lamp Single Blue LED, 5 Watt
Wave lenght 450~470nm
Weight 310g
Input AC 100V~240V
Output DC 8V, 1.2A
Frequency 47~63Hz
Current 1.2 A
Voltage / Capacity 120V / 6W or 230V 7.2W optional
Frequency 50/60Hz
Dimension W71 X L90 X H40mm
Weight 375g
Li-ion Battery X 2 pcs
Voltage DC 7.2V
Capacity 1900mAH
Dimension W38 X D70 X L21 mm
Weight 98g


product/Dental Instruments/oral-cam.jpg

Oral Camera

Product Code: AVI-5507
  1. No need any extra software
  2. Quad & single image available
  3. Editing on PC through USB connector
  4. Built-in memory can save 150-180 images maximum
  5. Images saved forever even power off


  1. Auto-focusing, easy operation
  2. Sleep Mode saving energy
  3. PAL and NTSC available Cordless type enables to work simultanenouly at 8 channels.
Cordless Type
Receiver Input : AC 100V~240V, Output : DC 9V,1,2A
Handle dimension L231 X W32 X H24 (mm)
View Angle 600 field
Video Angle PAL and NTSC available
Resolution 640 X 480 pixels
Lens color CCD 1/4 inch
Battery Li-ion battery X 2 pcs
Voltage DC 7.2 V
Capacity 1900mAH
Dimesion W38 X 170 X H21 (mm)
Weight 98g
Charger Input : 120V/6W or 230V/7.2W optional
Frequency 50/60Hz
Dimension W71 X L90 X H40 (mm)
Weight 375g
Cord Type
Power supply Input : AC100V-240V
Output : DC 6.5V, 1.2A
Handle dimension L231 X W32 X H24 (mm)
View Angle PAL or NTSC optional
Resolution 640 X 480 pixels
Lens color CCD 1/4 inch


product/Dental Instruments/pg215_1.jpg

LED : Light Emitting Diode

Product Code: AVI-5508
  1. Complete curing restortion with LED Light
  2. Light guide : 8 mm autoclavable; 360 degree rotation
  3. 7 pre-set timings : 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 60 & 99 seconds
  4. 3 modes - F : Fast, R : Ramp, P: Pulse
  5. No heat built up
  6. No noisy fan
  7. Easy to build in unit chair
  8. Light weight, small size, ergonomic design


product/Dental Instruments/pg215_2.jpg

Light Turbo - 5 watt boost

Product Code: AVI-5508
Spectrum 450-470nm
Dimension D28 X L222 mn
Weight 8 mm angled optic fiberg


product/Dental Instruments/pg215_3.jpg

Light Plus-1 watt advanced

Product Code: AVI-5508
Spectrum 450-470nm
Dimension D28 X L194 mn
Weight 76.5g


product/Dental Instruments/pg215_4.jpg

Light Plus-1 watt watt regular

Product Code: AVI-5508
Spectrum 450-470nm
Dimension D28 X L194 mn
Weight 76.5g


product/Dental Instruments/pg215_5.jpg

LED : Light Emitting Diode

Product Code: AVI-5508
Technical Specifications
Power Supply AC 100V ~ 240V
Light Source Super blue LED (Light Emitting Diode)
Light Guide 8 mm angled optic fiber


product/Dental Instruments/pg216_1.jpg

Avishkar Curing Light

Product Code: AVI-5509
Technical Specification
Powersource : 230V~115V or 115V~(on request), 50/60Hz
Weight : 2.4 Kgs.
Dimension : W200 x D140 x H80(mm)

Curing Light Function

  1. Complete curing restoration with a 75 watt, 12V, halogen lamp.
  2. Light guide with 360 degree rotation and can be autoclavable.
  3. 3 seconds interval to turn on or off the lamp controlled by computer to protect and lengthen use life of lamp.
  4. Individual curing time selection with beep tone signal.
  5. Automatical turning off fan after cool down period.
  6. Provides fuse and thermal cut-off switch to prevent overheating.


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