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Dental Instruments

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Dental Machinery
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Curing Light Parts

Product Code: AVI-5509
  1. 1 light guide (8mm)
  2. 1 light gun & line
  3. 1 control box
  4. 1 power cord
  5. 1 gun holder
  6. 1 oval protector
  7. 1 plastic light guide (disposable)
  8. 1 spectacle


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Optional Accessories

Product Code: AVI-5509
  1. Light Meter
  2. Bulb # 13865
  3. Light Guide (8mm)
  4. Light Guide (11mm)
  5. Light Guide (13mm)
  6. Oval Protector
  7. Plastic Light Guide (8mm)


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Product Code: AVI-5510
  1. Temprature Sensor controls heating inside the chamber.
  2. Temprature Switch prevents from over-heating.
  3. Safety Pressure Switch maintains condition in complete safety.
  4. Error Messages for improper operation.
  5. Shut-Down Program for unsafe procedure.
  6. Auto self inspection.
  7. Double safe design of door.
Vacuum Type : AVI-5510
Three pre-vacuum & one post-vacuum
Non-Vacuum Type Type : AVI-5511 (CE Approved)

Trays (30 x 17 x 2.2 cm) 4 pcs
Tray Rack 1 pcs
Drain hose with connector 1 pc
Clamp for adjusting two front legs 1 pc
Water filter 1 pc

Technical Specification :
Capacity 17 liters (17000 cc)
Load weight 5 kg approximate
Sterilizing temperature (options) 1210C / 1340C
Sterilizing time 4 mins / 18 mins / 30 mins
Operating pressure 15 PSI / 1210C or 30PSI / 1340C
Chamber diameter 240 mm
Chamber length 360 mm
Maximum instrument length 300 mm
Overall product L530 x W390 x H420 (mm)
Capacity of water reservoir 4.5 liters (4500 cc)
Voltage options 230V or 115V available
  Non-Vacuum type Vacuum type
Net Weight 35 kgs 37 kgs
Gross Weight 41 kgs 43 kgs


product/Dental Instruments/pg217_2.jpg

UV Cabinet

Product Code: AVI-5512
  1. S.S. Chamber with 12 s.s. trays
  2. Imported japanese UV tubes
  3. Emits UV light (Germicidal in properties)
  4. Effective tool for avoiding contamination of instruments once sterlized or auto claved.
  5. Can maintain & presserve instruments for days without any fear of contamination.
  6. Door switch interlock prevents emission of UV light as soon as the chamber is opened to avoid any harmfull effect on operator.
Technical Specification :
U.V. Tube 15W
Chamber Size 20”x10”x6”
Weight 12.5Kg
No. of Trays 12
Door Closing Mechanism Magnetic Latch


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