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Hospital Hollowares

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Instrument Sterilizer

Product Code: AVI-345
Made of Seamless S.S. Sheet.
Suitable for 220V, 50 Hz. Signle Phase. AC Supply.
Available in Following size :
L x W x H Power
300 X 150 X 125 mm 1.00 KW
430 X 200 X 150 mm 1.50 KW
510 X 200 X 150 mm 2.00 KW


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Dressing Drums (Shallow Sterilizer)

Product Code: AVI-346
Seamless made of S. S. Bearing ISI Mark IS : 3831 Dressing Drums are made of Stainless Steel sheet by deep draw process are made of Stainless Steel sheet. These are ideal for sterilization of Gauges. Dressing Cotton. Gloves, surgical instruments used in operation theatres and emergency wards.
Available in Following size :
  1. 225 X 225 mm (AVI-346)
  2. 275 X 240 mm (AVI-347)
  3. 275 X 130 mm (AVI-348)
  4. 350 X 240 mm (AVI-349)
  5. 350 X 130 mm (AVI-350)


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Dressing Drum S.S. various sizes

Product Code: AVI-346


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