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Pathology Instruments

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product/Pathology Instruments/pic40.jpg


Product Code: AVI-594
AVI-594a 5 1.3 1.2
AVI-594b 10 0.8 0.8
AVI-594c 20 0.5 0.5
AVI-594d 25 0.5 0.3
AVI-594e 50 0.5 0.3
AVI-594f 100 0.5 0.3
AVI-594g 200 0.4 0.2
AVI-594h 250 0.4 0.2
AVI-594i 500 0.3 0.2
AVI-594j 1000 0.3 0.2
* Immediate Fix Pipettes may be custom made to your needs.


product/Pathology Instruments/pg55_1.jpg


Product Code: AVI-595-604
Unique poly-propylence tips are designed to fit a wide variety of pipettors and ulti-channel pipettors. They are ideal for laboratories with a variety of brands.
MODEL Capacity Packaging
AVI-595 Upto 10 l 1000/pkt
AVI-596 Upto 20 l 1000/pkt
AVI-597 Upto 200 l 1000/pkt
AVI-598 Upto 200 l 1000/pkt
AVI-599 Upto 200 l 1000/pkt
AVI-600 Upto 200 l 1000/pkt
AVI-601 Upto 1000 l 500/pkt
AVI-602 Upto 1000 l 500/pkt
AVI-603 Upto 5ml 50/pkt
AVI-604 Upto 10ml 50/pkt


product/Pathology Instruments/pg55_2.jpg


Product Code: AVI-605-608
These tubes and vials are made out of poly-propylene. It is designed for storage of biological material, humanor original cell etc. at low temp.


product/Pathology Instruments/pg55_3.jpg


Product Code: AVI-609-612
Unique introduce sample cups which are precision moulded with graduation and conical bottoms for efficient aspiration. A broad range of sample cups use with many chemistry autoanalyser. It is made out of poly-styrene..


product/Pathology Instruments/pg56_1.jpg


Product Code: AVI-613
Manufactured from best, selected and optically flat Glass Sheets. Micro slides are uniform in size with ground edges most suitable for microscopic work.
Size 75mm X 25mm
Thickness 1.45mm, 1.35mm, 1.25mm, 1.10mm, 1.00mm
Special Size 75mm X 50mm
Thickness 1.35mm
Packing Details
Standard Packing is 50 Nos. in a Packet duly gelatined, then 10 Packets in a Corrugated box seaaled & likewise 10 Corrugated boxes in a strong outer Corrugated box. i.e. Packing of 100 Packets in a Corrugated box.


product/Pathology Instruments/pg56_2.jpg


Product Code: AVI-614
In Frosted Micro slides certain area of Micro slides is frosted which facilitates easy writing & marking on the slides.
Size 75mm X 25mm
Pack Per Packet 50 nos.
Frosted Micro Slides
Thickness 1.35mm, 1.25mm, 1.10mm
One end has 19mm fine frosted surface on both the sides for marking.
Twin Frosted Slides
Thickness 1.25mm
Both ends has 19mm fine frosted surface on both the sides for marking.
Fully Frosted Slides
Thickness 1.25mm
The entire slide is frosted for marking.
Note :
1) Odd sizes for all the items will be quoted and supplied on request.
2) All products are cleaned and ready to use.
3) Variation in size 1mm & thickness 0.1mm.


product/Pathology Instruments/pg56_3.jpg


Product Code: AVI-615
Micro slides are printed in Standard white coating & also various colour coatings which offer alternative marking method to frosted Micro slides. They are extremely hydrophobic, acetone proof, chemical resistant & auto-clavable.
Size 75mm X 25mm
Pack Per Packet 20 nos.
Plain Printed Slides
Thickness 1.25mm, 1.10mm, 1.00mm
One end has 19mm printed surface on both the sides for marking.
Standard Printed Slides
Thickness 1.25mm, 1.10mm, 1.00mm
Standard matter as per regular requirement of the laboratory is printed for easy marking.
Special Printed Slides
Thickness 1.25mm, 1.10mm, 1.00mm
Micro slides can be printed specially as per the requirement of hospital/laboratory with their name, logo etc.
Multi spot Slides
Thickness 1.10mm
Micro slides is printed with 12 wells which make your work easier, faster & accurate.


product/Pathology Instruments/pg57_1.jpg


Product Code: AVI-616
Micro slides with cavities & rounded edges are made to cater to specific as well as varied needs of clients.
Blood Smear Slides
Size 75mm X 25mm X 1.45mm thick
Pack Each Packet of 10 nos.
Edges are rounded to give better smear.
Micro Concavity Slides
Size 75mmX25mmX1.45mm thick Polished
Spherical concavities are 15mm in diameter x 0.5 mm deep with bevelled and polished edges.
Available : One Concavity, Two Concavity, Three Concavity
V.D.R.L. Slides (Kline Concavity Slides)
For Kline, B.J.L., V.D.R.L. & other serodiagnostic tests.
Size 75mm X 56mm X 3mm thick
with Spherical concavities, each 16mm in diameter x 1.75 mm deep made from non-corrosive plate glass with bevelled & polished edges. Frosted surface is for notation. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 Concavities
Blood Grouping Slides
Size 100mm X 100mm X 10mm thick
12 Concavities, each 21mm in diameter x 4mm deep. Surface of slide is frosted to provide smooth writing. Surface edges & corners are bevelled & polished.


product/Pathology Instruments/pg57_2.jpg


Product Code: AVI-617
Manufactured from imported mechanically dawn glass, which is superior than mouth blown glass. Cover glasses are optically flat and free from waviness.
No. 0 0.08 mm to 0.13 mm 1/250”
No. 1 0.13 mm to 0.16 mm 1/200”
Available Sizes

Square Circular
18 mm x 18 mm 18 mm Circular
19 mm x 19 mm 19 mm Circular
22 mm x 22 mm 22 mm Circular
24 mm x 24 mm 24 mm Circular
25 mm x 25 mm
Rectangular Circular (Special)
22 mm x 25 mm 12 mm Circular
22 mm x 30 mm 16 mm Circular
22 mm x 40 mm
22 mm x 50 mm
Rectangular(Special) Haemocytometer Cover Glass
22 mm x 60 mm 20 mm x 25 mm (No.4 i.e. 0.4 mm Thick)
24 mm x 40 mm
24 mm x 50 mm
24 mm x 60 mm
25 mm x 50 mm
Packing Details :
Standard Packing is 10 grams. in attractive Plastic Packet & likewise 20 Packets in a very attrective laminated folding box. Packed dry & perfactly gelatined to avoid moisture.


product/Pathology Instruments/pg58_1.jpg


Product Code: AVI-618-622
After 40 year of innovation and leadership in design and manufacture of scientific instruments Avishkar is pleased to offer the latest trace of refrigeration system to achieve and offer temperature as low as -70oC (-75oC in AC room) applying cascade refrigeration system.
The Ultra Low Freezers are specially designed and suitable for research laboratories. Biological and Industrial application. The Ultra Low Freezers are high-tech units incorporating revolutionary cooling system giving advantage to the users of rapid pull down of temperature.
Special Features Includes
Low Temperature -70oC (-75oC in AC room)
Stainless steel inner chamber.
Extremely efficient insulation to minimise heat loss.
High-tach solid state digital indicator-cum-controller.
Counter balanced door.
Inside sliding acrylic doors to avoid temperature loss.
Constructed of double walls, the exterior is made of sheet steel and finished with acrylic enamel paint. The inner chamber is made of stainless steel. The unit mounted on castor wheels for ease of mobility.These chest type units are available in horizontal or vertical versions.
Models Volume (Litres) Inside Dimensions WXDXH (cm) External Dimensions
WXDXH (cm)
Horizontal Freezers
AVI-618 85 47x36x51 137x72x79
AVI-619 165 94x36x50 134x72x79
Vertical Freezers
AVI-620 90 40x40x58 75x75x143
AVI-621 185 51x51x73 86x86x165
Supply 230 Volts Single Phase 50Hz AC.
Note : Use of AVISHKAR make or any good guality 4 KVA servo controlled voltage stabilizer is strongly recommended Guarantee invaild in case of non use of voltage stabilizer.


product/Pathology Instruments/pg58_2.jpg


Product Code: AVI-623
These are bench top optical shakers incorporating 12”x12” platform for handling large tube racks, small flasks or reaction trays. The shaker platform rotates in a horizontal plane and allows a wide variety of rotating and mixing applications. These shakers have a built in 0-15 minutes digital timer.
Have a fix speed of 180 RPM and it is useful for sergological, VDRL tests and other tuned clinical diagnostics procedures requiring gentle agitation.


product/Pathology Instruments/avi-624.jpg


Product Code: AVI-624
Cyclomixer, a variable speed mixer that accommodates a varirty of tubes for various analysis to eliminate time consumming hand mixing.
Rapid mixing of contents of tubes is done by holding tube against vibrating rubber cup. Continusly variable speed regulator controls the degree of vibration.
Avishkar Tissue Processors are the latest designed with completely covered beakers and wax baths. During operation of shifting from one stage another only basket rotor alongwith its cover lifts upto the change of position to the next stage of the processing circle. From the remaining beakers the cover lifts a little for just shifting for the next stage, thus keeping the loss of alcohol / reagents to the minimum level. The built in safety device doesnot allow the tissues to shift from 10th to 11th to 12th stage in case wax is not melted due to power failure etc.

Salient Features:

  1. Programmable 12 stage timing sequence having 24 hours calibrated programming disc.
  2. Delay action of 24 hours
  3. Precision gear mechanism for trouble free working.
  4. Safety device for tissue protection.
  5. Thermostatically controlled Wx Bath 10o C to 80o C.
  6. Each station with a capacity of 1Ltrs/2Ltrs.
  7. Automatic agitation - allow the effective processing of tissue.
  8. Assures utmost cionvenience in operation.


product/Pathology Instruments/pg59_2.jpg

Microprocessor display with continuous visual update.

Product Code: AVI-625
The latest Avishkar Tissue Processor Model Elect-50 is microprocessor based Automatic Tissue Processor operated by feather touch keyboard and with digital display, for adjusting the timing sequnces, temperature setting and safety system fitted with battery backup to retain data in case of power failure.


  1. Feather touch key board with digital display for programming.
  2. Programmable 12 stage timing sequence with each step 1 minute to 16hrs.
  3. Delay action from 1 hour to 99 hours.
  4. Safety device for tissue protection.
  5. Temperature controller of wax baths operational in limits in 10o C to 80o C.
  6. Digital display for adjusting time sequence, temperature setting with battery back-up.
  7. Precision gear mechanism for trouble free working.
  8. Each station with a capacity of approximate 1Ltrs/2Ltrs.
  9. With automatic agitation.
  10. Power supply 200-230V AC, 50Hz.


product/Pathology Instruments/pg60_1.jpg

Senior Rotary Microtome

Product Code: AVI-626
AVI-626 is human engineered to give you a simple operate to relixble. precise instrument for day-in/day-our productivty Here are just a few of the features you’ll apreciate in the 820 Microtome.
The heavy duty base provides absolute support for mechenisum and knife holder. A aluminium cover is hinged to the base, protect the interior parts, and opens to provide easy access for cleaning and lubricarion.
Total feed excursion is 28 mm. When the limit of the feed is reached, a safety device automatically disengages the feed mechenisum to eliminate jamming and possible damage to them feed screw.
Senior Rotary Microtome
The feed indicator, geaduated in microns is convenienty located at front of instrument and feed setting from 1 to 50 microns in steps of 1 micron each is controlled by a kunrled knob at the back of the microtome. The sturdy knife holder in addition to knife elevating and levelling adjustments provided lateral movements for complete use of knife edge.


  1. 120 mm razor fabiracated from highest quality fine grain tool steel and tested for micro structure with back handle in case. One set.
  2. Object holders dia 22,25,28 mm. Nos.
  3. Honing stone size 6” mounted on wooden base. One
  4. Knife holder tightening key.One
  5. Dust cover and oil cane for lubrication. One each.
  6. The Microtone is furnished in durable stove finish and complete with all above accessories in a card box : Complete with Instruction Manual.
Feed Adjustment 1.50 Micros in steps of
1 micron each.
Opening of Obkect Clamp 32X32 mm
Total Feed Excursion 28 mm
Overall Size “16X10X9” & Approx X
Weight 27 Kg


  1. Safety Razor Attachment
  2. Leather Conveyor
  3. Leather Strap
  4. Dust preventing Prastic Sheet Cover
  5. Honing Stone Size 8”, 10”-12”


product/Pathology Instruments/pg60_2.jpg


Product Code: AVI-627
Avishkar fine particle honning stones are used for honing the cutting level of microtome knives.


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