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Pathology Instruments

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product/Pathology Instruments/pic03.jpg

Bottle Dispenser

Product Code: AVI-683
  1. Easy to Operate, convenient
  2. Easy Volume Setting
  3. Suitable for Repeated dispensing
  4. Useful to organic, in-organic, Aqua Solutions
  5. Reproductive Volume setting


product/Pathology Instruments/pic04.jpg

Micro Pipette

Product Code: AVI-684
  1. Available in fixed & variable volume
  2. Useful for medical, Research & Industrial Laboratories
  3. Autoclavable tip cone & lower section assembly


product/Pathology Instruments/pic05.jpg

Auto Dispenser

Product Code: AVI-685
  1. Automatic Mechanical Syringe Pump.
  2. Automatic return of spring loaded plunger to present volume for quick repeat dispencing
  3. Easy replacement & assembly of syringe.


product/Pathology Instruments/pic06.jpg

Needle Destroyer

Product Code: AVI-686
  1. Destroy used needle by burning
  2. Destroy syringe by cutting
  3. Metal powder coated body
  4. S.S Syringe cutter


product/Pathology Instruments/pic07.jpg


Product Code: AVI-687
  1. Available in two models E-5 & E-10
  2. Highly convenient filling & level adjustment of ESR Tube without risk.
  3. Glass pipette are reusable.


product/Pathology Instruments/pic08.jpg


Product Code: AVI-688


product/Pathology Instruments/pic09.jpg


Product Code: AVI-689


product/Pathology Instruments/pic10.jpg

Fixed Needle (10UL)

Product Code: AVI-690


product/Pathology Instruments/pic11.jpg

Removable Needle (10UL)

Product Code: AVI-691


product/Pathology Instruments/pic12.jpg

Fixed Needle Rheodyne (10UL) (HPLC SYRINGE)

Product Code: AVI-692 


product/Pathology Instruments/pic13.jpg

TLLGT (5ML) (Teflon Luner Lock Gas Tight Syringe)

Product Code: AVI-693


product/Pathology Instruments/pic14.jpg

FNGP (10UL) (Fixed Needle Guided Plunger Syringe)

Product Code: AVI-694


product/Pathology Instruments/pic18.jpg

Autoclavable Micro Pipatte

Product Code: AVI-698
  1. Available in Fixed Volume from 2 ul to 1000 ul
  2. Fully Autoclavable individually calibrated
  3. Useful for organic, in- organic & alkaline solutions


product/Pathology Instruments/pic19.jpg

Analyzer Cup

Product Code: AVI-699
  1. Transparent cup are made out of polystyrene
  2. Useful for different auto – analyzer


product/Pathology Instruments/pic20.jpg

Disposable Tips

Product Code: AVI-700
  1. Disposable suitable tips for
  2. Micro auto pipettes (Indian & Imported Pipettes) in standard colour.


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