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Pathology Instruments

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product/Pathology Instruments/pic21.jpg

Petri Dishes

Product Code: AVI-701
  1. Polysterene transparent with disposable, available with or without vent lead
  2. Sterlite & Non-sterlite
  3. P.P. Autoclavable Petri Dish also available


product/Pathology Instruments/pic22.jpg

Pesture Pipette

Product Code: AVI-702
  1. Low density polyethylene (LDPE)
  2. Disposable, Different volumes
  3. Very good reproductivity of the number of drops per mili liter
  4. Change into a closed vessels by heat sealing the tips.


product/Pathology Instruments/pic23.jpg

Plastic Test Tubes

Product Code: AVI-703
  1. Polystyrene transparent test tubes
  2. Disposable with or without caps
  3. Suitable for various blood bank test


product/Pathology Instruments/pic24.jpg

Blood Mixer

Product Code: AVI-704
To make blood homogeneous, this is shake less and gentle mixing process. It is essential pre – processes for perfect result for RBC, WBC and Platelet counting


product/Pathology Instruments/pic25.jpg


Product Code: AVI-705
  1. Chemically resistance Hard borosilicate glass vessel-Plain & Grinded
  2. Rounded PTFE pestle


product/Pathology Instruments/pic26.jpg

Disposable ESR Pipette

Product Code: AVI-706
  1. Polystrene graduated disposable ESR pipette to suit any brand of vaccutainer for ESR testing
  2. Easy to use, eliminates mouth pipetting


product/Pathology Instruments/pic27.jpg

ESR Stand

Product Code: AVI-707
  1. Useful for glass disposable
  2. ESR pipette with plunger
  3. 10 pipettes capacity
  4. Stand for plastic disposable pipette also available


product/Pathology Instruments/pic28.jpg

Graduated Glassware

Product Code: AVI-708
  1. Graduated Glass pipette made out of borosilicate 3.3 expansion glass amber colour marking rain forced pipette tip to prevent the breakage
  2. Individually calibrated & colour coded


product/Pathology Instruments/pic29.jpg

Plastic Disposable Cuvette

Product Code: AVI-709
  1. Macro & Semi-micro cuvette, Polystyrene
  2. Dimension 12.5 x 12.5 x 45 mm
  3. Path length 10 mm
  4. Capacity Macro – 2.5 ml to 4.5 ml
  5. Semi-Macro – 1.5 ml to 3.0 ml


product/Pathology Instruments/pic30.jpg

Collector Vials

Product Code: AVI-710
Polystyrene clear transparent vial coated with different anti – coagulant for blood collection & sample transportation


product/Pathology Instruments/pic31.jpg

Vacuum Blood Collection System

Product Code: AVI-711
  1. Avoid the transferring of blood from syringe to different vials
  2. Readymade tubes with different additives
  3. No Microclot formation due to instant contact with anticoagulant


product/Pathology Instruments/pic33.jpg

Microprocessor Photocolorimeter

Product Code: AVI-690
A versatile , rugged , accurate & easy to operate clinical instrument for blood & chemical analysis.
  • % Transmission & Absorbance Mode.
  • Auto Zeroing Facility.

P Photo Colorimeter Model 1311 is a compact & easy to operate instrument for Photo Colorimetric analysis of a solutionof any concentration . The output is available on 3 Digit LED display in terms of % Transmission (%T) & Absorbance (Abs). The instrument has the facility for auto zeroing of Absorbance & setting 100% Transmission. The use of microcontroller has made it extremely versatile & state of the art instrument . 10mm path length matched test tubes are used to contain sample & blank.

The instrument operates at wave length between 400 to 700 nm range. The use of high standard wide range glass filters covering 400 to 700 nm in the monochromator gives extremely good results . The filter setting is controlled by a rotating disc having 8 filters. An automtic shutter is provided to stop the light reaching the sensor , when test tube is not insertedin the tube holder. This increases the life of the sensor tremendously.

Wavelength Range 400 to 700 nm
Resolution 1%T,0.01 Abs
% Transmittance 0-100% T
Absorbance 0-1.99 A
Photo Detector Silicon Photodiode / Photo Cell
Display 3 Digit Bright Red 7 Segment LED Display
Keyboard 2 Keys , Soft Touch Membrane Type
Auto Zeroing Available (for Abs.) & 100% for %T
Light Source 6.3V , 0.3amp . Tungsten Lamp
Solution Volume 1ml minimum
Sample System 10mm path length matched glass test tubes
Optical Filters 8 filters mounted on the turrent :400,420,480,500,520,540,620,680 mm
Weight 2.5 Kg Approx.
Power Supply 230 VAC 10% 50 Hz , with in-built stabilizer
Matched Test Tubes A set of 5
Operation Manual 1 No.
Dust Cover 1 No.
Spare Lamp 1 No.


product/Pathology Instruments/pic36.jpg

Bio - Chemistry Analyzer Automatic

Product Code: AVI-522
Labtech Autochem Plus is a touch screen based Auto Biochemistry Analyzer with built in peristaltic pump & flow cell , Touch activated graphic display makes it very convenient & user friendly stand alone system for all routine chemistries , enzymes , hormones and drug test . Its advanced unique design of photometer and peristaltic pump assembly ensures long life and high precision.
  • Effective temperature regulation system with Peltier controlled cuvette / flow cell block.
  • Dual reading mode.
  • Robust system with built in stabilizer.
  • Latest technology wih battery backup for 250 tests with QC , more than 2000 results.
  • Robust in built 20 Column Thermal Printer with 384 stationary heads.
  • Unique circuitry for long lamp life.
  • Reliable peristaltic pump with maintainence free operations.
  • Sophisticated software for kinetic graph with built in delta calculation for saturated (high) samples from graphic display without diluting and rerunning the samples.
  • Patients ID entry.
  • Editing of saved tests.
  • Human machine user interface: Touchpad , Keypad.
  • Built in incubator.
  • Levey jennings and standard deviation graphs.
Human Machine Interface Touch Panel / Keypad
Linear Measurement Range 0.000 to 3.000 Absorbance Units(A)
Photometric Accuracy 2% or 0.007 , which ever is higher , from 0 to 1.5A , 3% from 1.5A to 3.0A.
Drift <0.007 A/hr
Photometric Linearity 2.2A
Optical Measurement Photodiode
Type of Filter Interference
Wavelength 340 , 405 , 510 , 546 , 578 & 630 nm & Two Optional
Half Bandwidth 10nm 2nm
Filter Selection Automatic by stepper motor
Flow Cell
Sipping volume 300 to 1000 l
Flow Cell Volume 18 l
Sipping Mode Automatic by specially designed Peristaltic Pump
Dry Block Incubator
Number of Cuvettes 12 cuvettes
Temperature 370C
Temperatue of Cuvette /Flow Cell Block
Method By Peltier effect
Temperature 250C , 300C & 370C
Light Source Xenon gas filled / Tungsten Halogen
Cuvette Volume 50 l
Warmup Time 90 sec.
Display 5" Graphics LCD , Negative Blue , STN
Printer Built in thermal printer
Memory 64 KB - non volatile RAM with battery back up
Storage Capacity 250 open tests , with 30 QC results / test (Normal & Abnormalcontrols) & 2000 patient results with patient ID.
Analysis Mode Absorbance , End Point , Fixed Time , Kinetic , Differential , Ratio
Concentration Calculation By factor or By standard
RS232 Serial Port 9600 baud , 1 start , 8 data , 1 stop , no parity bits
Wattage 50 watts
Voltage 115-230 volts + 10% , 50-60 Hz
Operating Position on horizontal , flat rigid & vibration free surface
Operating Conditions
Temperature from +18 to 350C
Relative Humidity up to 85%
Storage Condition
Temperature from -10 0 to +60 0 C
Relative Humidity upto 85%
Enclosure ABS Fire Retardant
Size (cm) 30 x 38 x 13.5 (lxbxh)
Weight 5.5 Kgs. (Approx.)


product/Pathology Instruments/pic37.jpg

Digital Photocolorimeter

Product Code: AVI-5148

This is very versatile colorimeter for clinics , institutions and agriculture industries. It gives an accurate results of ABS and transmission of any coloured solution.

Wavelength Range 400-700 nm [ 8 glass filters ]
Peak Wave Lengths 400 , 490 , 520 , 540 , 590 , 620 , 650 , 700 nm.
Minimum Volume 1.0 ml
Light Source 6v , 10w Tungsten Filament Lamp
Test Tubes 10 mm ( inner)
Detector Silicon Photodiode
Display 2 digits seven segment display , with special built in switch for transmission & optical density (o.d.) measurement.
Power Supply Mains: 220 10% , 50 Hz , 1 ;,Battery : 12 V DC
Working Temperature 100C - 450C
Dimensions 290 x 315 x 210 mm
Weight 5 Kg. Net


product/Pathology Instruments/pic39.jpg


Product Code: AVI-576
  1. AVIS pipettes are color coded for easy identification.
  2. Click stop digital system, click sound at each increment during volume settings ensures no unwanted volume alterations during pipetting.
  3. Ergonomy light weight & soft plunger movement provides comfort &minimises hand fatigue.
  4. Long Service assured from AVIS pipettes as the materials used in various parts offers durability & longlife.
  5. Easy volume setting by simply turning the plunger .
  6. High accuracy & precision guaranteed.
  7. Autoclabvable Tip Cone.
  8. Tool kit provided as standard supply for in-house servicing & re-calibration.
  9. Each pipette has its individual sr. no. & a calibration report is enclosed with each as pre-dispatch quality-check.


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