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Bio-chemistry Analyser
Product Code: - AVI-519

  Product Description
Labtech Biochemistry Analyzer for routine chemistry , enzymes & drug levels . It has a user friendly on board software . It is very economical , reliable high precision machine.
  1. Built in voltage stabilizer.
  2. Extencive programming modes.
  3. Monochromatic & Bichromatic Readings .
  4. Calculation of resulta either by factor or by standard concentration.
  5. Automatic sensing of Cuvette Insertion .
  6. Factor & standard values can be saved.
Measuring System Photometric
Linear Measurement Range 0.000 to 3.0000 AbsorbtionUnits (A)
Photometric Accuracy 2% or 0.007 whichever is higher.from 0 to 1.5 A , 3% from 1.5A to 3.0A
Drift <0.007 A/hr
Photometric Linearity 2.2A
Optical Measurement Photodiode
Type Interference Filter
Wavelength 340,405,510,546, 578 & 630 nm & Two Optional
Half Bandwidth 10 nm 2nm
Selection Automatic by Stepper Motor
Cuvette Volume 500 l
Temperature of Cuvette Block 370C, Peltier Controlled
Light Source xenon gas filled / Tungsten Halogen
Warm upTime 90 Sec
Display Four Line LCD , backlit , 16 characters
Printer Interface Optional Parallel Report
Memory 8 KB Non-Volatile RAM , Battery back up supports 40 open tests
Analysis Mode Absorbance : Fixed Time
End Point : Kinetic
Multi -Standard :Differential
Ratio : PTT
Concentration Calculation By factor or By Standard
RS232 Serial Port 2400 baud , 1 start , 8 data , 1 stop ,no parity bits
Power Wattage: 50 watts
Voltage : 115-230 Volts 10% , 50/60 HZ
Operating Positions on horizontal flat , rigid & vibration Free space
Operating Conditions Temperature: From + 18oC to 35oC
Relative Humidity: up to 85%
Storage Conditions Temperature: From -10oC to 60oC
Relative Humidity: up to 85%
Enclosures Abs Fire Retardant
Size (cms) 30 x 38 x 13.5 (lxbxh)
Weight 5 Kgs.

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