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Compressor Nebulizer for Aerosoltherapy
Product Code: - AVI-2302

  Product Description
Breath easy with the range of Nebulizers from Avishkar
Breath easy, with NUNEB nebulizer an effective treatment of respiratory diseases can achieved.We have wide range of suitable devices & accessories for every individual need.Every NUNEB nebulizer is made for long lasting use while maintaining the highest standard of quality. A high aerosol output and well-controlled nebulization of precious medication make our products popular amongst many private and professional users.
PRO AVI-2302
Very powerful & reliable piston compressor nebulizer especially for professional & intensive use. Powerful compressor & matched nebulizer kit, ensures medication is atomized into fine particles faster, reaching respiratory tracts more effectively and resulting in a better medication compliance. Equipped with safety fuse for safety.
Safety fuse can be replaced without disassembling the instrument.
Anti-shock case with handle for easy carrying.
Ample storage space for accessories.
Wide Range of accessories avilable.
  1. Nebulizer kit : A perfect match for Basic & Pro compressors, produces particle sizes suitable for all respiratory tracts. Made from high grade boilable materials for maximum life.
  2. Large 8ml. medication cup
  3. Nosepiece - Available in child & adult designs
  4. Mouthpiece - Available in child & adult designs
  5. Mask - Available in child & adult designs
  6. Tee - Unique design for attaching nebulizer kit with adapter with bult in fresh air controller.
  7. Tubing - Clear non toxic tubing for connecting the nebulizer cup to the compressor
Type of Compressor Piston
Pressure Max 2.5 bar
Air flow Min 12 LPM
Noise at 1 meter 50 DBA
Operating times 60 min ON, 60 min OFF
Particle sizes 0.5-5 microns
Size 344mm X 189mm X 120mm
Power Supply 215-240vAc, 50-60 Hz) 110-130v
Ac, 50-60 Hz)
Power Consumption 160 watts maximum
Weight approx 1.9 kg

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