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Economical Digital Radiant Heat Warmer
Product Code: - AVI-3503

  Product Description
This unit is especially designed to provide most simple model of radiant heat warmer.
Salient Features:
  1. Digital display for set temp as well as actual temp.
  2. PT-100 sensor.
  3. Overheat temp is set at 39oC having audiovisual alarm if temp is crossed abve 39oC.
  4. Heater On/OFF indication.
Technical Features:
  1. Power supply 220v / 230v, 50/60Hz.
  2. Power consumption : 900w.
  3. Heater source two quartz silicon heater with S.S. reflector.
  4. Temp. cut-off accuracy : 0.1oC.
  5. Temp. range : 25oC to 40oC.
  6. Dimension 760 x 530 x 1720mm.
  7. Weight 40kg approx.
  8. Audiovisual alrm for sensor failure.
  9. Overheat is alarm set at 39oC.

Audiovisual alarms for overheat, for power fail for battery low for high as well as low set and for sensor failure.


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