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Product Code: - AVI-3589

  Product Description
Type External reading type
Target Corona and cross, rotatable 360o
Vertex power range
(0.25 Diopter step) 0 to +(or)- 10 Diopters
(0.50 Diopter step) +(or)- 10 to 25 Diopters
Cylindrical axis 0o to 180o (1o steps)
Prismatic power 0 to 5 (1step)
Acceptable Lens Diameter 20 to 80mm dia
Tiltable angle Continuously variable from 30o to 90o
Eyepiece focusing range 0 to 5 diopters
Accuracy Accurate centering and marking of lenses
Power requirement AC 220-240 Volts
Optional 110V - 130V AC
Weight 4.5kgs approximately
Standard Accessories contact lens holder, two spare bulbs, dust cover
Guarantee One year

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