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Pathological Inclined Tube Binocular Microscope
Product Code: - AVI-508

  Product Description
Microscope Stand : Sturdy inclined, binocular body rotatable through 3600.
Viewing head: Binocular eyepiece tube providing bright images rotatable through 360o. Inclined at 45o. Having adjustable dioptric scale from +5 to -5, with graduations at intervals of one diopter. The intraocular distance is variable from 54 to 74mm to suit the observer.
Focusing module: CO-AXIAL focusing, with slide traveling on ball bearing guide ways, for frictionless motion.
Horizontal, mechanical stage of size 140mmx140mm approx., with fine vernier graduations (least count 0.1mm). Clamps are provided for positioning of the specimen. The stage travels on ball beairng to allow smooth travel over an area of 76x50mm.
Nosepiece: Quadruple revolving nosepiece with positive click stops provided with ribbed grip for easy rotation mounted on precision ball bearing mechanism.
Objectives: Achromatic quadruple objectives 4x, 10x, 40x and 100x oil immersion spring-loaded wide field.
Eyepieces: High quality paired achromatic 10x & 15x and in-built pointer.
Substage: NA 1.25 focusable with rack and pinion arrangement. Condensor is complete with lens & iris diapragm. The microscope has a swing out filter holder and removable blue filter. It is compatible and supplied with a plano-cocave mirror in fork mounting.
Illumination: Microscope is be equipped with a high intensity compact light source with a field diapragm to enable koehler illumination with halogen lamp of 6V 20W with built in on/off switch and light intensity regulator.
Accessories Available for the above Microscopes :
  1. Vinyl Cover, Duster, Cleaning Brush, • Filter • 25 ml of Immersion Oil
  2. Roll of Lens Cleaning Paper • Lens Cleaning Solution
  3. Operating Manual
Optional Accessories :
  1. Dark Field Attachment
  2. Phase Contrast Attachment
  3. Polarizing Attachment
  4. Stage Micro Meter
  5. Micro Meter Discs
  6. Spare Objectives 5x, 20x, 90x
  7. Micro Photographic Equipment
  8. Cctv
Binocular Research Microscopes
Bio XL
Microscope Stand
Rigid & Stable stand with well-countred modular base.
Eyepiece Tubes
Binocular observation head, with interpupillary & diioptric adjustments, rotatable through 360o. Inclined at 45o. The intraocular distance is variable from 54 to 74mm. Tubes are ISI marked (IS : 8275/76).
Focusing Module
CO-AXIAL focusing, with slide traveling on ball bearing guide ways, for frictionless motion over full range of travel. The movement is restricted by a slide protecting device.
Large size mechanical stage with low drive right hand coaxial movements controls, for covient spicimen scanning.
Low friction & fully revolving, parfocal quadruple type.
Flatfield, glare free, antifungus coated & high contrast standard semiplan achromatic objectives 4x, 10x, 40x (SL) and 100x (SL). The objectives are corrected for the mechanical tube length of 160mm and cover slip thickness of 0.17mm with tolerance of 1mm & 0.015mm.
High quality paired, huygenian 10X.
Abbe condenser NA 1.25 focussable with rack & pinion arrangement is provided. The bright field condenser is complete with lens & iris diaphragm for dark field examination, the microscope can be furnished with a refracting or reflecting aspheric condenser.
A high intensity compact Koehlar’s light source 800 lumen halogen lamp, 6 volts-20 watts, powered through a built-in base solid state transformer with electronically variable intensity control. Quick replacement of bulb without opening the base or electricals.

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