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The S-ORC ensures a minimum fresh gas oxygen concentration of 25% at all times to avoid hypoxia. The N2O is cut off automatically if the Oxygen supply fails or when the O2 flow meter knob is inadvertently closed. The patient can never get ventilated on N2O alone.

Many key components are imported to insure highest level of reliability.

Fitted with special, second stage regulator for stable working pressure and safety.


International standard circle system with highest absorption efficiency. Easy to refill & change canisters. Unique designs allows for use of single or dual canisters. Total absorber capacity of 2.5 Ltr.

Incorporates calibrates Airway Pressure Limiting Valve (APL) and single outlet for waste gas. Circle absorber can be connected to gas scavenging system.

Technical data 

Pipeline Inlet Pressure               O2                                         2.7 – 6 Bar

N2O                  2.7 – 6 Bar

Air                    2.7 – 6 Bar

Cylinder Inlet                             Four Pin Index Yokes Two each for Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide Cylinders

Cylinder pressure reducer          Individual pressure reducer for each yoke followed by a common

second stage for stable working pressure.

Flowmeter range                        O2                                         0 – 10 Ltrs. / min.

N2O                  0 – 12 Ltrs. / min.

Air                    0 – 12 Ltrs. / min. ( Optional )

Safety                                     ORC ( Optional )            Avishkar Oxygen Ratio Controller ensures

minimum 25% Oxygen at all the time. Model – AVI-043.

Nitrolock                       Basic safety against accidental delivery of Nitrous Oxide, when Oxygen flowmeter is closed. Model -AVI-043 (NL).

Oxyfailure Alarm            Audible alarm for minimum seven seconds in case of Oxygen supply pressure drops below 2 kPa X 100.

Pressure Relief valve Mechanical safety against increase in low pressure circuit set at 20 kPa.

Oxygen Flush                            Upto 55 Ltrs. of Oxygen flow, with spring loaded push switch.

Changeover unit                        Toggle switch for changing from open to close circuit and viceversa

Breathing Circuit                        Magill’s Breathing Circuit – Complete with angle mount, Breathing

Hose, Reservior bag, Expiratory valve and face mask size 4.

Dimensions                               Overall 810 mm X 860 mm X 1450 mm

Top tray 610 mm X 3000 mm X 15 mm

Overall 65 Kg.

Models                                                 AVI-043 (NL)

AVI-043 (ORC)

AVI-043 (ISI). As per IS 11378 ( Equivalent to ISO 5358 )

Available in both NL & ORC models.

Optional Accessories –

Vapor 2000 for Halothane,

Isoflurane or Sevoflurane

– Anaesthesia Ventilator