Advance Research Binocular Microscope

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Body Well designed die-casted staple frey and black contrast with hard instrumental Chromium finish.
Observation Head Special quality Binocular observation head inclined at 450 and rotatable through 3600. All prism and optical surfaces are anti refilection coated. Standared interpupillary distance and diopter adjustment provided.
Nose Piece Dust proof quadruple nose piece with clik for perfect optical alignment.
Stage Fixed stage 140mm x 120mm with built – in co-axial mechanical stage for easy and smooth bearing
Condenser Double lens bright field Abbe’s condenser N.A. 1.25 with iris diaphragm movable by rack and pinion.
Illumination By halogen lamp 6V 20Watts operated through built- in solid state transformer with electronic regulator.
Safety Stopper Prevent damage to slides and objectives.
Optics High class anti reflection coated self centres and parafocal achromatic objectives and superior quality eye pieces.
Packing In dust proof Thermocole Box in 12mm thick beautiful storing cabinet with sunmica door.