AMBU BAG PEDIATRIC Resuscitators (Silicon)

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Components are made from food grade silicone rubber & polycarbonate ; Autoclavable upto 136°C for 5 minutes at approx. 2 bars. Long lasting & resistant to aging, Non-Toxic & Non-Allergic.

Maintains its elasticity between -100°C and +250°C. Can also be decontaminated by ETO sterilization or cold sterilization. Oxygen Reservoir Bag may be sterilized by cold sterilization only.

Transparent polycarbonate nonrebreathing valves and clearhood facemasks facilitate visual monitoring, observation of lips and regurgitation.

Nonrebreathing “L” valve is designed for low resistance with dead space reduced to 7ml., and allows 360° swivel for changing angle of operation without disturbing the mask/tracheal tube.

Pressure relief device in Infant & Child resuscitators provided to prevent possible emphysema. The patient end has a standard 15mm/22mm (ID/OD) which connects to all standard masks & 15mm E/T Tube connectors.

  • Can be used for long periods without operational fatigue
  • Can be disassembled & reassembled in a matter of seconds. Designed for trouble free service. All spare parts are available when neccessary as the resuscitators are made indigenously.
  • Controlled & spontaneous ventilation possible. Also suitable to administer anaesthesia in conjunction with a draw over type vaporizer.
  • Enrichment of oxygen upto 100% possible using Rao’s Oxygen Reservoir attachment.



Set comprises : 500ml self inflating double ended silicone bag with mounts & side feed oxygen inlet, Type “L” nonrebreathing valve with pressure limiting 800000 device wherein it will open if the inspiratory pressure is more than 45cms of water, Size OA Circular Paedi All Silicone facemask,

Reservoir Hose with Adaptor to provide higher oxygen concentrations& 1.5mtrs oxygen enrichment tubing, all in a carryingcase.