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Using method:

  1. Spongy cushion is used in the face of the stretcher and it is comfortable for patient. Also it is so convenient that only one person will be enough transferring the patient to ambulance car or hospital.
  2. If you need to put down the stretcher please circumgyrate the safe handle firstly then pinch the handle and the stretcher will automatically low down..
  3. When if reach the destination please open the back fix equipment, remove the patient carefully and the legs of the stretcher will load down automatically.
  4. Convoluted springy locks were used in both sides of the stretcher and the leg parts. This kind of up turning lock equipment can assure the safety of patients and easy for moving patients.
  5. When you need to up or down the head part of the stretcher please push the button which is below the stretcher..

.Technical Parameters:

  1. High position: 190 X 55 X 88cm
  2. Angle of the back: 00 — 60°
  3. High range for transfer to the
    ambulance car: 620-720mm
  4. Size of the wheel: (1)125mm
  5. Weight: 37kg
  6. Load bearing: 159kgs


  1. Keep clean as routine (incl. disinfect )
  2. Check if any parts loose or not as usual.

. Storage & transportation:

  1. Store this stretcher in the place of damp proof and non-corrosion environment.
  2. Be transferred by common transporting tools.
  3. Upside down is prohibited during transportation and storage.

 Package and attachments:

  1. Packed in high-durable carton.
  2. Attachments user’s manual.
  • Applied for:

Using for rescue the patients and can be as a operation table for common operation.

  1. Cautions:
  2. When transferring the patients do make sure to lock the guardrail and if necessary please
    fasten the safety belts.
  3. When transferring it should be kept in insurance condition.