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Modes of Ventilation
Volume Control Modes CMV – VC, ASSIST – VC, SIMV – VC/PS
Pressure Control Modes CMV – PC, ASSIST – PC, SIMV – PC/PS
Advanced Modes PRVC/VS, APRV
Non – Invasive Modes CPAP, Bi – NIV
Auto Modes PSV – Auto, VS – Auto
Settable Parameters
Breaths Per Minute (BPM) Up to 120
Tidal Volume (V T ) 20 to 300 cc       Pediatric
300 to 3000 cc  Adult
Inspiratory Time (Ti) 0.2 to 4 sec
Peak Flow Rate 6 to 150 LPM
Inspiratory Pressure Up to 80 cm of H 2O
PEEP 0 to 35 cm of H 2O
Inspiratory Pause 0 to 50% of Ti
FiO 2 21 to 100%
Pressure Trigger -0.5 to -15 cm of H 2O
Flow Trigger 0.3 to 30 LPM
Apnea Back-up Time 5 to 60 sec
Measured Parameters
No. of Breaths Spontaneous, Total Breaths per minute
Airway Pressure Peak, Plateau, Mean, PEEP
Patient Trigger Trigger Pressure, Trigger Flow
Tidal Volume Inspired Volume, Expired Volume
O 2 Concentration Inspired FiO 2
Lungs Mechanics Lung Compliance, Lung Resistance
Minute Volume Expired Minute Volume
Alarms : Preset and Settable
Airway Pressure High, Low
Inspired V T High, Low
FiO 2 High, Low
Expired Volume Low
PEEP High, Low
Breaths Per Minute High
Apnea Alarm Time 5 to 60 sec
Information on LCD
Parameters Dynamic Airway Pressure Indication
Mode, BPM, Spont. BPM, VTi, VTe, PEEP, Ppeak, FiO2
Curves & Loops Airway Pressure v/s Time
Tidal Volume v/s Time
Flow Rate v/s Time
Airway Pressure v/s Flow Rate
Flow Rate v/s Tidal Volume
Volume v/s Airway Pressure
Display Size 47 cms TFT LED Monitor
Special Features
·  Nebulizer                                                          · O 2 Enrichment

·  Manual Breath                                                 · Standby Function

·  Tube Compensation                                        · Inspiratory Hold

·  Apnea Backup Ventilation                             · Altitude Compensation

Electrical and Gas Supply
Input Supply 175 – 260 Volts or 90 – 132 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz
Internal Battery Backup 90 Minutes
External Battery Backup 10 to 15 Volts DC (Optional)
Power Consumption 70 Watts (Approx.) for Basic Ventilator
Gas Input Medical Grade Air and O 2 at 2.7 – 6 Bar (39-87 psi)
Weight 15 Kgs. (only Ventilator, without Cart)
Standard Accessories Breathing Circuit
Optional Accessories Humidifier, Medical Grade Compressor