Anaesthesia Systems

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Safety Features:

  1. Meets with the safety features recommended by the international standards organisation.
  2. Nitrous Oxide supply to patient interlocked with oxygen, N2O supply snaps in the absence of oxygen supply.
  3. For better patient care management, electronic fool proof audible alarm system ensures warning at once on fall in oxygen supply pressure irrespective of Nitrous Oxide supply.
  4. Oxygen being a preffered gas kept on downstream of other Gas.
Features Specifications
Structure Square tubular Electrostatically powder coated steel sections.
Top Tray Steel top tray at eye level to keep monitoring equipments etc. (595 mm °° 330 mm).
Table Top Stainless Steel (595 mm °° 330 mm).
Drawer Extra large one storage drawer.
Cylinder Yokes Pin-indexed gas specific dual oxygen & nitrous oxide.
Regulators Nitrolock system is provided which activates only when oxygen flowmeter control valve opens to prevent the risk of administering 100% nitrous oxide.
Nitro Lock Unit Nitro lock system is provided which activates only when Oxygen Flowmeter control valve opens to prevent the risk of administering 100% Nitrous Oxide.
Oxygen failure warning Device Pneumatic device which activates audible alarm when oxygen supply pressure falls 215 kpa.
Rotameters Long (230 mm) rotating bobbin flowmeters accurately calibrated.
Oxygen – 100 ml/min to 8 Litres/min.
Nitrous Oxide – 200 ml/min to 12 Litres/min.
Oxygen flow control is on left side of flowmeter bank as it is preferred Gas.
Vaporisers Two plenum type vaporiser for Ether and Trilene supplied & one Halothane vaporiser as standard.
Non-return cum pressure
relief valve
Minimises risk of backflow of gases, blows off when pressure exceeds 200 cm water coloumn.
Emergency Oxygen Guarded flush button out-let at table level.
Accessories One Schrader type self sealing oxygen out-lets (4.22 kg/cm2) for ventilators etc. Extended rear platform for two 10 litre water capacity cylinders. Circle absorber can be securedly mounted on the left side of the main frame.
Breathing Attachment Standard magill’s circuit