Autoclave Vertical

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Inner body is made of heavygauge Stainless Steel all joints welded. The lid and the ring are made of Pressed Stainless Steel Plate. The lid heavily polished is fitted with Pressure Gauge, Safety Valve and Steam Exhaust Valve. One Safety valve is set to blow of 18 Lbs. / Sq. inch to remove excess steam and maintain constant pressure. A neoprene rubber gasket is fitted in the ring to ensure steam tight joints. Outer cover made of Stainless Steel polished with legs.
Working Size Rating
12” Dia x 20” Depth 2.0 KW
14” Dia x 22” Depth 3.0 KW
18” Dia x 24” Depth 4.0 KW
22” Dia x 30” Depth 6.0 KW
Water – Level Arrangement
Perforated Basket AI/S.S.