Blood Bank Centrifuge

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Microprocessor Controlled Blood Bank Centrifuge is a refigerated centrifuge design for blood component seperation and is ideal to prepare packed cells,Platelet riched plasma,Platelet concentrate or cryop recipitate.Also useful for other specialised blood bank procedures such as buffy coat seperation & Preparation of leukocyte Poor red cells & Platelets.

The main unit is built on a study metal frame resting on leckable custers and enclosed by sheet metal removable panels finished in corrosion resistance paints.the centrifuge lid has as electrical interlock to ensure that the unit can not be run with cover open & cover can not be opened unless motor comes to complete halt.

Advanced Manufacturing Technique are used for resilient mounting of the heay duty brushless induction motor rsulting in low level of vibration and noise.The drive motor and hermetically sealed refigerating compresser are located under the insulated rotocompartment.these are resiliently supported on study frame.

The Unit has soft touch keys for fast and accurate setting of the run parameters set the speed time,temperature brake and Press the start key.All the parameters are digitally displayed while a non volatile memory retains programming even after power is shut off.


  1. User Friendly microprocesser control.
  2. Menu Driven Ten Program Memory.
  3. Programmable Centrifugation Parameters for accurate control.
  4. Brush-less Induction drive,Practically Maintainance free.
  5. Simultaneous Display of set and run parameters.
  6. Self diagnosis of errors.
  7. Electrical Lid-interlock to prevent lid opening during centrifugation.
  8. RCF Indication
  9. Temper Proof Memory.
  10. Unbalance cur-out with indication.
  11. Speed Holding Accuracy ± 10 RPM.
  12. Sequential Programme of Speed,time and temperature.
Technical Data
Models   AVI-1301
Max. Speed rpm 4200
Max. RCF g 5300
Width mm 805
Depth mm 905
Height mm 960
Connected Load KVA 6
Supply 230 Volts Single Phase 50 Hz AC.
AVI-1301 6 Place Wind Shield Swing out Rotor
AVI-1302 A Set of metal Carriers each with a capacity of 1000 ml. Suitable for 350 ml. and 450 ml.single and multiple begs for use with swing out rotor complete with removable plastic container. 4200 5300