C-Arm Image Intensifier

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C-Arm Image Intensifier with 5-section Radiolucent top incorporates the requirement of all positions for general surgery and other special surgical procedures. The eccentrically positioned table column and inter-changeable head and leg section allow optimum use of the C-ARM IMAGE INTENSIFIER. Movements controlled by hydraulic pump/ Actuators/ Electro Hydraulic Pump to achieve smooth and efficient operations without any jerks. The electric system is maintainence free, virtually silent, waterproof, shockproof, demands no force to operate and operates with greater strength and smoother operation. Touch Button Remote control provides smooth, easy and accurate positioning with fingertip handset control system. Easy to reposition the operating table without any disturbance, demands no force, no physical stress to the operator. able is mounted on astor wheels with break. Head and Leg Sections are detachable and interchangeable. Base and columns Covers are made of stainless steel for easy cleaning. Radio translucent top.Stainless steel side rails with clamps to accept all standard accessories. Inbuilt Kidney Bridge (Manual /Electrically Operated).

Optional Accessories: Divided leg section, Universal Orthopaedic attachment, SS Instrument tray with hanger, SS Urology Tray, Neuro Surgery Attachment.

Standard Accessories: Rubber mattress set, Anaesthetist screen, Padde sholder support, Wrist Strap and Arm Rest, Padded lateral Support, Kidney Bridge Padded litotomy crutches Pelvic Holder Strap