Cardioplegia Delivery System

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  1. The Cardioplegia System is designed by Dr. Srikant Kole-Cardiac Surgeon, Mumbai. It is designed to simplify cardioplegia delivery by providing most efficient heat exchanger, air eliminator, particulate filtration and venting capabilities. It is has accurate fluid delivery, USP Class VI compliant materials and compact & ergonomic design. It is easy to set up and operate with low volume. Accurate temperature monitoring, strong durable housing and components ensure product integrity. It is capable of delivering flows upto 500 ml/min. Blood Line 1/4 inch ID & Cardioplegia Line 3/16 inch ID, Lines For monitoring Cardioplegia, E.T.O. Sterile and Pyrogen Free.
  2. Packing : Box of 12 pcs.