Chest Drainage Cathether (I.c.d.) (Thoracic Catheter)

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  1. Thoracic drainage catheters are most suitable for post operative drainage after cardio thoracic surgery.
  2. Distal end is opened with super smooth large eyes to maximise the drainage form the chest.
  3. Proximal end is fitted with specially designed tapered tongue to provide excellent forcep grip and non traumatic insertion.
  4. Catheters are marked at 2cm from the last eye to ascertain the depth of placement.
  5. Individually packed.
  6. Laminated inner box of 10pcs.
  7. Length : 45cm.
  8. Size : Fg: 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36 & 40.
  9. Disposable sterlite ready for use.