Digital Spectrophotometer

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The spectrophotometer is a single beam micro controller based visible spectrophotometer operates at wavelength of 340 mm to 960 nm. It is a rugged, accurate & reliable instrument for spectrometric analysis of any solution/liquid. The optical system has a diffraction grating as the monochromator and produces linear spectrum. The grating has a resolution of 600 lines / mm. The output is available on a 16X2 LCD alphanumeric display in terms of :

Wave Length (lnm), ABS (O.D.) Trams. (T.)
Wave length (lnm), ABS (O.D.) Conc. (C.)


Wavelength Range 340 – 960 nm
Band width Less than 10 nm
Wave length resolution 2 nm
Resolution 0.1% T
0.001 ABS
0.01 CONC
Photometric Range 0-100% in Transmission mode
0-1999 in ABS mode.
Sample Compartment 12 mm Æ matched Borosil Glass test tubes
Display 16 X 2 LCD Apphanumeric with backlit
Photometric Readout Digital display selectable for :
Wave Length (lnm), ABS (O.D), Trans (T.)
Wave (lnm), ABS (O.D.) Conc. (C)
Key Board 6 Keys, Soft Touch
Detector Highly Sensitive Si Photodiode
Grating Monochromatic, 600 Lines /mm
Light Source 6 V, 18 W, Halogen Lamp
Auto-Zero facility Yes avilable
Power Supply 230 ± 10%, 1 Æ AC
Dimensions 480 mm X 300 X 180 mm
Weight Approx 10 Kg. Net.


Spectrophotometer (ModelLM – 340mC) 1 No.
Matched Glass Test Tubes 10 Nos.
Dust Cover 1 No.
Instruction Manual 1 No.
Standred Solutions 1 Set.


Product Profile Applications
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Hb Reader Mineral water plants
Hb/Bl Reader Food & Beverages analysis
Needle Syringe Destroyer Pathological / Clinical labs
pH/mV Meter Fertilisers & Pesticides analysis
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