Elbow Crutch

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  1. Elbow Crutch is a modified walking stick, which provides in addition to the handgrip, an additional support to the forearm. There in an upward adjustable extension, set a little angular, with a cuff attached to the upper part of the extension. The cuff partly encircles the upper forearm as shown in figure.
  2. The cuff made of special flexible plastic material opens comfortably to allow the forearm and is fixed with soft cloth liner. The weight is borne partly through the hand and partly by the elbow pressing at the cuff. Hence the name elbow crutch.


  1. Sturdy and light weight hollow Aluminium construction.
  2. Two way adjustable length telescopically with snap locking facility through perforations at the required length. Thus it adjusts between the handle and cuff,and the handle and ground.
  3. Effective, movable and comfortable forearm grip with detachable soft liner inside. Also hook and loop fasteners for easy fixing and greater control.
  4. Handgrip with more effective profile having space for fingers on which the hand naturally rests.
  5. One size fits all, irrespective of whether the user is young / old or male / female.
  6. Special Rubber Grip at bottom to avoid possible slip.
  7. Attractive colour and powder coated finish for better look and longer life.