Electric Suction Trolley [ IMP DOUBLE BOTTLE ]

Product Code: AVI-034 Category:
Electric suction apparatus

Categories Medical Electric Equipment

Features: Adopting oil-free piston pump; Clean-without pollution of oil and smoke; Convent-no need add oil to maintain daily; Safe-no plus pressure during using; No flow backwards pressure when the machine stops, so the liquid won’t flow backwards Complete plastic panels, hand-switch and foot-switch for operating easily. Select negative pressure at will with no level for pressure adjustment, and overflow protection mechanism, safe and reliable. 

Principle technical data:

Max negative pressure: 0.09MPa

Noise: 65 dB (A)

Power: 180VA

Pumping rate: 20L/min

Reservoir capacity: 2500mL/pc, 2pieces

Note: Not suitable for continuous use in the induced abortions and for the inflammable or explodable surroundings. Max continuous working time is 30 minutes, continuity rate: 50%

Electrical appliance safety requirement: Class I, Type B