Infusion Pump Syringe Type

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  1. Accepts all standard injectors 10ml , 20ml & 50ml.
  2. Automatic diagnose & display of the injectors size.
  3. Double CPU supervision for safer injection & reliability.
  4. Precision step motor.
  5. Accurate & sensitive pressure sensor.
  6. Alarms for malfunction.

Electrical Characterstics

Power Supply 100-240 V AC , 5-/60HZ
Fuse 220V 2A X 2 , 12V 2A X 2
Battery Type Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Battery Power 7,4 V , 1400mA
Max Power Consumption 25 VA
Operating Time Running more than 5 hours after being fully charged
Displayed Information Rate, Accumulated InjectionVolume, Injector Specification, Battery Capacity, Battery charge Indicator, AC Power Indicator, Bed Number
Injection Increment 0.1ml/hr
Rinse 1.0ml
Accumulated InjectionVolume 0-9999 ml
Injection Accuracy ±3%
Applicable Injector 10ml, 20ml, 50ml
Feasible Injection Rate Range 10ml Injector: 0.1-100 ml/hr
20ml Injector: 0.1-200 ml/hr
50ml Injector: 0.1-500 ml/hr

Alarm Function

  1. Over
  2. Near Empty
  3. Occlusion
  4. Low Battery Power
  5. Control Abnormal
  6. Machine Malfunction

Environment Conditions

Operating Temperature 5-4.50C
Operating Air Pressure 70-106 kPa
Operating Relative Humidity 30-90%
Storage Temperature 15-500C
Storage Air Pressure 70-106 kPa
Storage Relative Hunidity 30-90%
Physical Characterstics
Dimension 288 X 130 X 122 mm
Maximum Weight <3.0 Kg
International Standards
Electrical Safety In accord with the stipulation of GB9706-1-1995,EN 60601-1 & UL 60601-1
Electro Magnetic Wave Protection In accord with the stipulation of IEC 60601-1-2 (1993 Edition)