Infusion Set

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Set with Luer Lock

  1. Conforms to international standards.
  2. Culindrical collapsible chmber with filter fitted direct to spike for convenience having built in airvent spike with hydrophobic bactreria filter, with ‘Y’ connection.
  3. Luer locking for secure connection.
  4. Super smooth kink resistant tubing with very efficient roller controller for accurate & unrestricted flow.
  5. Special beveled extra strong spike.
  6. Self sealing latex bulb for extra medication & easy flushing.
  7. Neele 21G x 11/2” for smooth flow.
  8. Drop size of 20 drops/ml.
  9. Individually packed. For single use only.
  10. Disposible on toxic & pyrogen free.
  11. Sterle ready for use.