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The interferential type current have been a proven part of physical medicines for decates. The interferential current therapy unit generates two appex. 4000 Hz. medium frequency current with constant amplitude which cross at a right angle to produce a complex current modulation in the body. If a current with a certain frequency than it results in generation of the modulated wave. Their high therapeutic effectiveness is characterised by deep penetration of current within minimal sensory perception & skin irritation. The availability of treating both large & small body parameters. The selectibility of stimulation frequency that encompasse both motor stimulation & pain suppression.


Operating Voltage 220 V, 50 Hz, + 10 % with line RF Filter
Carrier Frequency 2000 Hz & 4000 Hz
Base AMF 0 to 150 Hz
Sweep AMF 0 to 100 Hz
Spectrum Rect. 1/1s, Trap 1/5 s. Linear 6/6s
Therapy mode 2 Pole, 4 Pole & 4 Pole Vector
Intensity 100 mA Continuously adjustable
Intensity Balance Available
Milliammeter Digital meter to indicate the peak current.
Timeer Digital timer with cut off system alarm.

Portable Shoulder Wheel

This portable light weight shoulder wheel is adjustable in length one can very its tension. It can be as a wrist exericiser.

Salient Features

  1. Negligible leakage current
  2. 60.1.1 General requirement for safety of medical electrical equipment.
  3. Isolated out puts.
  4. Digital timer with automatic cut-off system
  5. Digital electronic output current meter.


  1. Pain therapy
  2. Sports related injuries
  3. Muscle reduction & Strain
  4. Increasing Blood Flow
  5. Activating the body’s own defence mechanisum
  6. Circulatory disorders
  7. Disturbance of the nervous system
  8. Diseases of the locometer system
  9. Effective in treatment of Rheumatism
  10. Arthritis, Muscle Strain etc.