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LCD Display with Backlight

5.7” Monochrome LCD display with backlight delivers crisp and accurate readings with better contrast and


Charging Time

Takes less than 5 seconds to charge to 360J with a fully charged new battery 

Event Recording

Stores and prints pre & post event data up to 24 events 

Thermal Printing

Allows the printing of saved events using a highresolution thermal printer 

Visual and Audible Charge Indicator

It provides visual and audible high voltage charge done indication

Enhanced Battery Usage

It delivers more than 100 shocks of 360J with fully charged new battery 


DF 2509 R comes with printer 

Product Specifications 

Technical Specification 

Power Supply                                      100-240 V AC; 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption                         <100VA

Battery Type                                        Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid battery

Battery Capacity                                12V, 4.5AH; 100 discharges of 360 joules or 7 hrs of monitoring with

fully charged new battery

Dimensions                                         260 (W) X 280 (D) X 250 (H) mm

Weight                                                   10.5 kgs (with battery & paddle)

Environment                                        Operating temparature: 0⁰ C to 400 C

Relative humidity: 15 to 95% RH non condensing


Waveform                                                            5 milliseconds Monophasic Lown Pulse

Energy Select with External Paddles           2-360J in steps of 2,3,5,7,10,20,30, 50, 70, 100, 150, 200, 300, 360

Energy Select with Internal Paddles             2-50J in steps of 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 20, 30, 50

Charge Time                                                        < 5 secs to 360 J with battery (fully charged new battery)

< 15 secs to 360 J without battery (AC mains only)

Charge Indicator                                                Charge ready LED on the Front Panel & audible tone

Charge ready LED on Apex Paddle

Available & Delivered Energy                         Displayed on the screen

Synchronization                                                  Defibrillation synchronized to the R wave Marker indication on ECG waveform

Sync Mode Indication                                        Message on monitor screen and LED indication on front panel

Paddles                                                                 Integrated adult and paediatric paddles 

Product Specifications 


Display                                                 5.7 inch STN LCD Display

ECG Input Modes                                 ECG input through paddles or 3 Lead Patient cable (

Lead I,II and III)

Leads Off Message                               On Screen Message with alert tone

CMRR                                                   > 90 dB @ 50 Hz

Input Impedance                                  > 2.5M Ohm

Frequency Response                            0.5 to 35 Hz

Sweep Speed                                       25 ± 1 mm/Sec

Display Time                                        5 secs.

HR Display & Accuracy                         10-300 bpm

±2 Bpm or ±2%, whichever is higher

1mV Cal Signal                                    Vertical bar indication (varies withgain)

ECG Out                                               1V/mV(depends on gain setting)

Defibrillator Protection             A v a i l a b l e

Printer (Optional) 

Recording Type                                    Thermal Array recording

Paper Size                                           50 mm X 20 mts; Print width; 40Mm

Paper Speed                                        25 ± 1 mm/Sec

Recorder Mode                                     Configurable to print either realtime or 6 seconds delayed ECG

Event Recording                                  Stores and prints 3 seconds ofpre critical data and 7 seconds post critical event data up to 24 events.

Print Annotates                                    Time, Date, HR, HR limits, Event marker, ECG input source, ECG gain, Defibrillator mode, Selected and Delivered energy, Patient Impedance, Peak current and

Hospital name.

Standard Accessories

Defibrillator Paddles (Adult & Paediatric)         1 no.

Disposable Electodes                                              30 nos.

Patient Cable (3 Lead)                                               1 no.

Mains Cable (Power Cord)                                 1 no.

Cardijelly                                                              1 bottle

Earth Cable                                                         1 no.

Accessory Bag                                                  1 no.

User Manual                                                     1 no.

Recording Paper                                              1 roll – 20 mtrs.

(Applicable for DF 2509 R only)