Multi Functional Patient Care Manikin XC-401

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The model is made of soft and half-hard PVC plastic, solid and durable, easy for use. All joints are movable, the waist can be belt, all parts can be disassembled. It can demonstrate following items :

  1. Washing face and bathing the bed-ridden patient
  2. Care and cleaning of the mouth
  3. Care and cleaning of trachea dissection
  4. Inhalation of oxygen (nasal cork or nasal catheter)
  5. Nasal lavage
  6. Stomach lavage
  7. Heart injection
  8. Heart resuscitating on chest
  9. Chest puncture
  10. Liver puncture
  11. Kidney puncture
  12. Abdomen puncture
  13. Medulla puncture
  14. Lumbar puncture
  15. Deltoid injection
  16. Deltoid hypodermic injection
  17. Vein injection
  18. Vein puncture
  19. Vein transfusion
  20. Vein blood transfusion
  21. Urethral catheterization of woman
  22. Muscular injection on buttocks