Nurse Call System

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Nurse Call System is a nursing management system that can be used for both wired and wireless connections. The features of this system make it ideal for use in hospitals, homes, supervised apartments and day

Increases the safety and comfort of patients and residents The system is comprised of a set of push buttons and wireless sensors which make it possible for nursing staff to keep track at all times of the state of each

patient or resident, thereby increasing their

The wireless feature provide flexibility, expand ability and ease of installation and most importantly it is future of the NCS enables the system to be used in

Nurse Station/Display Unit : The Nurse Call System or NCS eradicates the frustration of patients to call the nurses. NCS enables even small hospitals and nursing homes to have dedicated system to call nurses. NCS is economical for hospitals and nursing homes. The system eases the management of patient related services like Blue Code and Emergency Calls.

Bed Unit & Handset : The Bed Unit is located near the patient bed. The unit has CALL, WAIT, BLUE CODE and RESET buttons and female socket to attach the Handset. The Bed Side Unit has battery for wireless models.

Information is sent to fixed control posts, computers and wireless terminals. This enables communication between patients and nurses regardless of location, thus optimising the work of the nursing staff.

The door unit indicates the patient call in the corridor. The red color of unit indicates patient call and blue color indicates the call is

Toilet Pull Cord : The NCS has toilet pull cord in toilets of hospital for emergency situations like heart attack of patients in a hospital