Oscar Vaporiser

Product Code: AVI-2015 Category:
  • The design of Oscar vaporizer   is a result of extensive   research combined   with  functionality   and ergonomics
  • Oscar vaporizers are agent specific and designed to provide  consistent  output  throughout   the clinical   range

0.5 to 15 lt./min.

  • Temperature  and flow  compensated  Oscar vaporizers   deliver   practical  accuracy, durability,    stability   and security
  • Oscar vaporizers are intended for use in the fresh  gas supply  of a continuous  flow of anaesthesia   machine
  • Oscar vaporizers are available   in selectatec  mounting,  Cage  Mount  type and Drager fitting
  • The Selectatec type  vaporizers  have  interlock  system  to avoid  simultaneous    use of two vaporizers   unexpectedly
  • Oscar vaporizers are available  for all the three agents  Halothane,    lsoflurane   and Sevoflurane