Remote Controlled Electro Operation Table

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Special Features

  1. Compatable with’C’ – Arm image intensifer.
  2. Can also be used for general surgeries like Gynaec, Urology, Endoscopy, etc.
  3. Concealed with low voltage transformer, operated with 24v (D.C.).
  4. Totally maintanance free.
  5. More safety for the patinets.
Optional Accessories

  1. Ortho Attachments
  2. Neeuro attachments.
  3. As per customers specifications.
Equipment is throughlytested by qualified experienced Engineers before despatch and carry a warranty of free repair of any part of proven defective manufacture within twelve months from the date of supply.

Note : 
Design & specifications given in this are approximate & for customers information only. The company reserve the right to modify them without notice for further improvement.

Technical Data

Table top length : 180 to 195
Width of the table top : 50 cm.
Minimum Height : 75 ± 5 cm
Maximum Height : 95 ± 5 cm
Lateral tilt : 20o± 2o
Flex & Reflex : 2200
Lateral tilt : 45o± 3o
Lateral tilt : 90o
Standard Accessories

Anaesthetic Frame : One piece
Padded side supports : One pair
Intravenous armboard : One pair
Padded shoulder supports : One pair
Kneee crutches : one pair