Resuscitators (Black Rubber) – MOUTH TO MOUTH RESUSCITATOR

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Self inflating bags made from natural rubber, extremely resistant to wear and tear but still maintain sensitivity. Controlled & spontaneous ventilation possible. Facility for air/oxygen mixtures or 100% oxygen available. Non rebreathing valves provide low resistance, minimal dead space and prevent forward & backward leaks. Transparent polycarbonate hood of the facemask facilitates visual monitoring. Easy to assemble and use. Designed for trouble free service.

Note : Black Rubber Resuscitators can also be used for administration of anaesthesia with drawover type vaporizers.


  • Prevents blood, secretions or expired air passing to the administrator from the patient
  • Avoids the risk of the administrator from infection with AIDS, HIV, Hepatitis – B and other dangerous viruses
  • Can be easily dismantled and sterilised chemically or autoclaved upto 130°C.
  • Transparent hood of the facemask allows monitoring of the patient for vomitus, secretion, blood, lip colour and condensation of exhaled moisture.
  • Weighs only 110 gms, is small, compact & is virtually unbreakable.

Comprises : One way valve & facemask as required by the customer.