Resuscitators (Black Rubber)

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Self inflating bags made from natural rubber, extremely resistant to wear and tear but still maintain sensitivity. Controlled & spontaneous ventilation possible. Facility for air/oxygen mixtures or 100% oxygen available. Non rebreathing valves provide low resistance, minimal dead space and prevent forward & backward leaks. Transparent polycarbonate hood of the facemask facilitates visual monitoring. Easy to assemble and use. Designed for trouble free service.

Note : Black Rubber Resuscitators can also be used for administration of anaesthesia with drawover type vaporizers.


For patients above 30 kgs.

Set comprises : 1600ml self inflating double ended bag with mounts & side feed oxygen inlet, Sanjivani nonrebreathing valve – type “E”, 30cm X 20mm Corrugated breathing tube with mounts to extend bag

from the mask, Size 3 & 4 Clearhood facemasks, 1.5mtrs oxygen enrichment tubing, all in a carrying case.