Scalp Vein Set

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  1. Scalp vein set is designed to provide rapid venous access with greater patient comfort during infusion.
  2. Short beveled siliconised needle facilitates atraumatic cannulation.
  3. Luer locking for secure connection.
  4. Thin wall needle provides better flow rate per gauge, as in the same cannula mo re circumference is available for better flow of liquid.
  5. Butterfly shaped wings facilities easy handling and attachment with the skin.
  6. Proximal end of the set is provided with flexible female luer fitting.
  7. Butterfly connected to soft non-toxic non-irritant tube which does not kink or coil set.
  8. Butterflies are colour coded for instant identifiaction of needle size.
  9. Individually packed. For single use only.
  10. Disposible , sterlite ready for use.