Senior Rotary Microtome

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AVI-626 is human engineered to give you a simple operate to relixble. precise instrument for day-in/day-our productivty Here are just a few of the features you’ll apreciate in the 820 Microtome.


The heavy duty base provides absolute support for mechenisum and knife holder. A aluminium cover is hinged to the base, protect the interior parts, and opens to provide easy access for cleaning and lubricarion.


Total feed excursion is 28 mm. When the limit of the feed is reached, a safety device automatically disengages the feed mechenisum to eliminate jamming and possible damage to them feed screw.

Senior Rotary Microtome

The feed indicator, geaduated in microns is convenienty located at front of instrument and feed setting from 1 to 50 microns in steps of 1 micron each is controlled by a kunrled knob at the back of the microtome. The sturdy knife holder in addition to knife elevating and levelling adjustments provided lateral movements for complete use of knife edge.


  1. 120 mm razor fabiracated from highest quality fine grain tool steel and tested for micro structure with back handle in case. One set.
  2. Object holders dia 22,25,28 mm. Nos.
  3. Honing stone size 6” mounted on wooden base. One
  4. Knife holder tightening key.One
  5. Dust cover and oil cane for lubrication. One each.
  6. The Microtone is furnished in durable stove finish and complete with all above accessories in a card box  : Complete with Instruction Manual.


Feed Adjustment 1.50 Micros in steps of
1 micron each.
Opening of Obkect Clamp 32X32 mm
Total Feed Excursion 28 mm
Overall Size “16X10X9” & Approx X
Weight 27 Kg


  1. Safety Razor Attachment
  2. Leather Conveyor
  3. Leather Strap
  4. Dust preventing Prastic Sheet Cover
  5. Honing Stone Size 8”, 10”-12”