Sleep Therapy Device Y – Pap Machine

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Constant Display Pressure, Valve, Bargraph, Date, Time, Alarm, Clock State
Filter System 3 layers, suitable for avoiding allergic reactions
Dimensions(mm) 230x225x110 (without humidifier)
Weight 2.5Kg (without humidifier)
Power Supply 100-240V+100%, <60Hz 1
2/24 V DC-15%
Average Power 22W without humidifier
Consumption 46W with humidifier
Operation Mode Mono-Level (1 pressure level
Bi-Level (2 pressure level)
Pressure Range IPAP:3 18hPa (mbar)
EPAP:3-18 hPa (mpar)
Average Pressure (±0.06 hPa (mbar)
Variance acc to DIN EN ISO 17510
Noise level 30 db (A) bei 10 hPa (mbar)
Without mask acc to DI En 150 17510

Bilevel Trend 400/500 with ST made also available.
Humidifiers are also avilable.