Slide Projector

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35mm slide projector with permanent autofocus, halogen lamp 24V / 150W, interchangeable lens 2.8/f=90mm MC, cable remote control for forward and backward transport, on/off switch, slide-controlled diaphragm, single slide holder, focusing wheel, two feet for height adjustment, magazine.

Dimension 270x295x122mm
Weight Approx 5Kg.

Convenient Handling

The remote control with 2 seperate buttons for foward and backward transport makes the handling easy and convenient. The diafocus 1500E-IR is equipped with a 2-channel IR remote control, the diafocus 1500E with a fixed cable remote control which is integrated in the projector’s body.

Interchangeable Lenses

We offer a number of interchangeable lenses with different focal lengths (from 55 upto 150mm) or zoom lenses to adapt the size of the projected picture to the size of the screen.