Sterlization Table Top (Autoclaves)

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Suitable of dentist for steriliztion of instruments and tools. Dome shaped Al. lid is provided which seals the atoclave with neoprene jointless gasket. The lid is tightened to the body when closed. The working pressure is 1.1. to 1.2 Kg./cm2 (15-18PSI).

The sterilizer is made of Aluminium Sheet/ Stainless Steel deep drawn to cylindricalshape. The seamless construction allow no bacteria residue & free from dirt accumulation. It is equipped with dail pressure gauge 0-60 PSI. spring loaded safety valve. dead weight type safely valve and steam release valve.

The load is held in racks (optional). Supplied complete with piug & cord.
Suitable to work on 220/230 Volt. single phase, 50 Hz, AC supply.

Size : 300mm x 350mm (25 L)
300mm x 400mm (29 L)
300mm x 450mm (33 L)