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  1. Plate the hopper on the notch made above the M/C and connect it wire Rubber pipe which is jointed to the feeling lever near the punch.
  2. Put the material in Hooper.
  3. Rotate the wheel anti clock wise.
  4. Material will come in feeding lever then in die and punch will compress it is tablet shape punch will remove up guiding the tablet upward feeding guide will throw it out simultaneously feeding so on.
  5. The whole process takes one wheel rotation.
  6. If the length of tablet is to be decreased or increased that can be done by loosing crew in front of die & punch and can adjust according to required height.
  7. If the tablet is broken due to un-power material or by any other reason. Simply wipe the hopper punch & die with plain water guide pin.
  8. Put the lower half of capsule in holes.
  9. Put the square plate and spread the powder so that it should go in every empty hole of capsules.
  10. Pick back the top square guided plate.
  11. Close the top cover tightly so that power is pressed in capsule.
  12. Fixed the upper half of capsule in holes properly.