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Photometric System 12V/20W long life Halogen Lamp 6 Interference filters with ± 2nm band pass compricing of 340, 405, 505, 540, 578 and 630 nm

Thermostatic Control

Flow cell/cuvette temp 250C,300 and 370 C regulated through peltier Element
Precision ± 0.10

Measuring System

Measuring range 0 to 2.500 O.D.
Photometric linearity ± 2 % from 0 to 2.000 O.D.
Photometric accuracy ± 2 % from 0 to 2.000 O.D.
Drift Less than 0.005 O.D. per hour

Data display & Memory

Memory 150 open programs
Display Back IllUmonated L.C.D. graphic display of 64 X 128 dots.
Printer Bilt in high speed, stationary head graphical thermal printer.
Serial port RS 232C Standard
Cuvette 32 ml 3quartz micro flow through cell Or Macro cuvette For manual method with minimum Volume of 500 ml.
Peristaltic pump driven by pre aligned bidirectional DC motor


Aspiration System

Carry over Less than 1%
Power supply 220V, 50Hz
Dimension 18cm X 33cm X 34cm
Weight 8.5 Kg (approx)


  1. 150 Open Programme Memory
  2. Large 64 X 128 dot graphic LCD Display.
  3. Ualization of on line Kinetic graph with 1st O.D. Current well as Final result … O.D.
  4. Abosolute User friendly and easy to operate software.
  5. Built in thermal graphic high speed stationary head printer.
  6. Air gap between two sampless to reduce the chances of carry over.
  7. Aspitration volume 500 ml.
  8. Ability  to perform End Point, Kinetic, Initial Rate, Bichromatic as well as Multi standard type of chemistry