Ventilator with 7″ Touch Screen TROLLEY MODEL

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General Specifications

It has 7″ graphical display of lung mechanics with pressure and volume graphs per breaths. On the screen It continuously displays all set parameters like the peak inspiratory pressure set, actual pressure In the airway,, the plateau pressure and the peak end expiratory pressure (PEEP) set as well.

It also displays the tidal volume set, tidal volume delivered and minute volume.

It also displays the set breaths per minute, actual breaths taken by the patient, triggered by the machine and triggered by the patient as well.

It displays the mode of operation, percentage of oxygen set, I:E ratio etclt can be used for both invasive and non-invasive type ventilation.

It has eight Modes available:·

  1. VOLUME CONTROL MODE:· It delivers the set amount of Tidal Volume at set BPM and till set peak airway pressure.
  1. B. PRESSURE CONTROL MODE: It delivers tidal volume till set pressure is reached (with max

Volume 600ml)

  1. ASSISTED MODE: ·Also known as Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV),  it works as Pressure controlled SIMV, It delivers set volume with set pressure limit at set BPM and l;E ratio, senses patients Inhale and triggers breaths In sync.
  2. WEANING MODE: ·Here It displays how many breaths were programmed, how many patient have triggered and how many machine have triggered, along with the supplied volume.
  1. E. CPAP MODE: Supplies continuous pressure assist ventilation for both Invasive or non-invasive with mask.
  1. BiPAP mode: • Here you can set both iPAP and ePAP pressures.
  1. Stand by mode: • One can program desired mode and parameters as standby mode.
  2. Apnea mode in CPAP: • One can program Apnea timer to start standby mode if patient exhausts. It has all following programming features
  1. Volume per breath from 100 to 2000 ml In the steps of 50 ml.
  2. Max pressure 6 to 50 cm of H20 In the steps of 2 cm of H20.
  3. Breaths per minute 5 to 40 in the steps of 1.
  4. 4. l:E ratio 3:1 to 1 :3
  5. PEEP (that Is minimum pressure required while exhaling)O to 20 cm of H20 In the steps of 2 cmofH20. ·
  6. Oxygen flow rate: • 5LPM, 1 O or 15 LPM
  7. 7. Percentage of oxygen. 21% to 100% in the steps of 10%.
  8. It displays the plateau pressure.
  9. It also has high pressure alarm for blockage detection.
  10. 10. Low pressure alarm for leakage detection.
  11. Can run on UPS supplied with It with a battery back-up of 4 hours
  12. Can run on normal oxygen cylinder which can be attached with regular Oxygen tubing to ma