X-RAY MACHINE 60 mA & 100 mA

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Line frequency technology high quality images with operation

Specification                                      60mA                                                                    100mA

Output power                                   4.8kw                                                                    8kw

Tube head type                               self contained                                                   self contained

RAD. mA [MAX]                              60mA                                                                    100mA

KVP Steps                                           2 KVP                                                                    2 KVP

RAD. MA station                               20,40,50,60                                                         40,60,80,100

RAD. Times                                         0.02 to 5 sec. in 23 steps                                0.02 to 5 sec. in 23 steps

Digital Display                                    mAs, KVP,mA                                                    mAs,KVP,mA

Xray tube                                            BEL-DSA-3 or                                                      BEL-DSA-3, BED-DRA-6 or

Imported equivalent                                      imported equivalent resp

Fluoroscopy                                       0 to 3mA                                                              0 to 3mA

Indications                                          Line ON, x-ray ON & Overload                    Line ON, x-ray ON & Overload

Light beam diaphragm                   Provided                                                              Provided


Input Power                                       230V AC, 50 Hz, single phase                       230/415/A.C50Hz,1/3 phase