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Noiseless Electric Suction with Stainless Steel Cabinet.[HEAVY MODEL]

Suction Capacity: 700 – 750 mm hg

Pump Type               : Noiseless Belt Drive Vacuum Pump

Jar 2 x 1.5 ‘tr. Glass capacity, over flow

safety device, reusable filter, 3/8 size

PVC tube.

Vacuum Gauge : 2.0 inch. 0-760mm Hg calibration.

Power : 200/240Volts, 1440 RPM, 50 Cycles,Single phase.

Motor Capacity : 1/4 HP Crompton / GE Motor AC, DC Class A.

  • Good for different clinical / medical & surgical procedures.
  • Most popular easy to use model.
  • Durable than other make machines.
  • Noiseless Electric Suction with shock proof.