Product Code: AVI-2006 Category:

Oscar  Anaesthesia    workstation    has  rigid  electrostatically     powder  coated structure   with  three  large  drawer  provided   for storage of accessories

  • Large monitor shelf at eye level  provided
  • Gas specific   pin index  yokes  for holding   two 02 & one N20  cylinders
  • Oxygen ratio controller    (ORC) or hypoxia  guard ensures  25% oxygen is always  maintained    in  breathing  circuit
  • 3-tube  and 5-tube  cascade type( optional   ) Rotameter  for 3-gas  sources suitable  for various  operations   requirements
  • Selectatec type manifold for mounting  2 vaporizers
  • Stainless  steel  top for writing  and keeping  medicines
  • Integrated  pneumatically    driven and microprocessor   controlled   ventilator
  • Circle absorber changeover from open to close circuit