Automatic Hematology Analyzer H360 pro

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Empowering CBC test with maximum capabilities


The H30 Pro is an automated 3-part hematology analyser that integrates the innovative, successful characteristics of its predecessors with a range of new features. It is an attractive and up-to-date choice for CBC test in a wide range of laboratories. To pursuit higher quality, more cost-effective CBC test, we empower the H30 Pro with maximum Capabilities so that it can

Offer up to 23 parameters including PLR and NLR

  • Extend linearity range to meet more clinical cases
  • Differentiate WBC with dynamic threshold
  • Fit pediatric samples and difficult draw with small sample volume
  • Simplifywork process with intuitive operation system
  •  Lower cost with few routine reagents
  • 4 inch color touch screen with innovative operation system is simple-to-use and easy-to-navigate.
  • Handheld barcode scanner allows easy entry of patient ID
  • RFID transducer helps manage reagent easily.
  • Integrated thermal printer streamilines result report with fast response.
  • With a memory of 100,000 results, 3 histograms, the analyzer offers a complete review of patient data. And it can compare the patient result with history.
  • Besides that, the analyzer can store 12 QC files with 100 QC data for each.
  • printers, barcode scanner, USBs, etc. It’s simple to export the patient data, import the QC target sheet from the front-panel USD port.
  • Data transfer to LIS via LAN [TCP/IP] with bi-directional transmit.
  • Biohazard free reagents reduce disposal costs.
  • Two routine reagents are used to perform analysis, plus up to 120 days on-board stability and lower reagent consumption, thus providing a cost-effective test results.
  • 23 parameters       WBC, LYM%, MID%, GRA%, LYM#, MID#, GRA#, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW, RDW-SD. PLT, MPV, PDW, PCI P-LCC, P-LCR, NLR, PLR T 

    Histograms            WBC (3-Diff), RBC and PL







    Linearity Range


    Precision (CV%  )

    WBC (10°/L) 0.00-300 .00 :52.5%(7.0-15.0)
    RBC (10,2/L) 0.00-8.50 :51.5%(3.5-6.5)
    HGB (g/L) 0-250 :515%( 100-180)
    PLT(109/L) 0-4000 ::;;5 0%( 100-500 )
    HCT(%) 0-67 :52.0%(35-50)



    Electrical impedance method for cell counting and cyanide free lyse for haemoglobin measurement


    Throughput                                        Sample volume

    60 samples per hour                10 µL for whole blood mode, 20µL for pre-diluted mode


    Control and Calibrator              Reagent

    ED-30D, ED-CAL PLUS             HD310 Diluent, HL310 Lyse,       HC310 Cleaner


    Display                                                 Interface

    10.4 inch TFT                             color touch  screen USB Port, LAN

  • Data Storage Capacity100,000 files including demographics, results and histograms, 12 QC files [100 data per file]


    Operating Environment

    Temperature : 15’C- 35”C, Humidity: 20% RH~85% RH: Air pressure: 70kPa~106kPa


    Input Device

    Built-in virtual keyboard and external barcode scanner


    Power Supply

    100V-240V, 50 Hz/60Hz


    Dimensions and Weight

    Depth [415 mm] x width [275 mm] x height [406 mm], weight: 18 kg